Waking Up to the Cone Zone

Ah, the special beeps of the construction trucks. Good morning!

T and I woke up a few mornings ago to the familiar beeping of construction trucks. I don’t know about where you live, but our town is under constant construction – road repairs, water main replacement, sewage line fixes, you name it. Yes, it definitely is annoying to try to find alternative routes to school, the gym, or other destinations on a regular basis, but it’s also a sign that we’re a city in progress putting money toward some long-overdue and sorely needed fixes, so hooray for that!

Nothing like a back-hoe in the middle of the street to keep a kid's interest!

The special circumstance about this morning’s cone zone was that it was setting up right outside our front door. No, I mean RIGHT outside, as in five feet from our house. Take a look at the view we had from the front porch!

A front-row view of the day's work!

This job went on all day, from about 8 am until 3:30pm. Awesome. No really – AWESOME! While I already didn’t have to worry about entertaining T much that day as Grandma was coming over to have a play date with T, it still was a lovely surprise and kept them busy outdoors for much longer than they might have otherwise spent their time.

LBWD hard at work right outside our door.

The other great part of this gig was that it was a job sponsored by C’s workplace. That meant that T had seen many of the trucks and equipment before at the company picnic, and he recognized them enough to let the workers know he’d seen it all before. Additionally, many of the workers on the job were folks that know C, too, so I am pretty sure that allowed T to get a lot closer to the job itself than he otherwise might have been allowed. No, nothing like a ride on the digger (though he’s gotten to do that before elsewhere), but T got close enough to the dirt and the hole in the street that it held his interest all day long. He also got some free earplugs from the guys, and he wore his own hard hat and safety vest most of the day, too.

I heart construction. Best free entertainment for preschoolers, ever.

Bye-bye back-hoe... until next time!

Happy Friday! Hope you have a constructive weekend, RMT’ers!