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Whether you are living in GMT, EST, or PST, while you are here, you are on Real Mom Time (RMT). Posts reflect events experienced or observed in Real Mom Time (RMT).  Or, in other words, just some random thoughts, observations, and tips from my point-of-view as a regular ol’ Full-Time, Stay-at-Home-Mom to a high-energy boy in Southern California (USA).

Some more “about me”…


Here's the three of us at the Prime Meridian on our family vacation to Europe in April 2013. I figured it was time to put a photo up here, and what better photo fits the RMT "theme" than one of us where time (zones) all began. Brilliant!

Here’s the three of us at the Prime Meridian on our family vacation to Europe in April 2013. I figured it was time to put a photo up here, and what better photo fits the RMT “theme” than one of us where time (zones) all began. Brilliant!

I am a 40-something-year-old mom blogging about life with my one-and-only kid T (that’s the plan anyway!)  and my husband C (T’s dad). My goal here is to share with you – on a semi-regular basis – our family’s experiences, happenings, and likes (and some dislikes) so you, too, can keep it real right along with us. Maybe our adventures will even inspire you to go out and create your own new ones?

Along with writing, I love bargains, simple pleasures, guilty pleasures, fancy pleasures, old-fashioned freak-outs, newly discovered hot spots (of the family variety), travel, wine, food, football, and gambling (in that order sometimes). Oh, and I like coffee, too. Very much. With milk, please. Thanks.

We eat dinner together as a family. We are early to bed, early to rise. We all yell at each other (it’s genetic and cultural) and put ourselves and each other in time out when we want some “alone time.”

I hate to clean, so I don’t. However, I am a master organizer and everything MUST have a place, even if things are not always put away. I have laundry whirling dervish in my home at all hours and/or parked in buckets or chairs waiting to be sorted, folded, and put away. Ditto dishwasher. I make my bed every morning so I have at least one room in the house to go to that is not visually disturbing.

We have far too many toys in our home, but it’s nicely balanced with a mountain of books. T watches way too much television (and now thanks to Xmas ’15 – now forever known as “XBox Xmas” – he’s quickly overhauling over our living space into a Gamer’s Paradise), but he also enjoys reading us joke books in the car and keeping up with the latest editions from the Wimpy Kid and Jedi Academy series. We don’t do arts and crafts nearly enough, but we do love museums and go as much as we can (less mess, too). He also is on track to become Lego’s next Master Builder (that’s art, right?!).

My husband is an awesome cook, and I love to bake when it’s not a gazillion degrees outside. T will try anything once, especially if it comes from a sample station at our local warehouse or grocery store. He also could eat California rolls and ebi sushi from Kihon’s Happy Hour for every meal (or a burrito and chips and salsa from El Burrito Grill, close call really). We sacrificed a hall closet in our under-1000 square-foot home for a 600+ bottle, temperature-controlled wine cellar, but I’d hardly say any of us have suffered. Cheers!

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