TIP TUESDAY: My 2013 Rule to Live By

Last year at this time, I posted my 2012 New Year’s “Rules to Live By.” I believe this is a much better approach than making resolutions. Thanks again to a dear friend for sharing this method with me – and a much easier method at that! I actually did pretty well last year… not perfect, but I definitely held myself more accountable to the four rules I created and incorporated them into my daily living in a much more fluid way.

This year, I have just one new rule to live by. Yes, I said add to the list; why abandon the previous rules just because a new year’s begun? Anyway, for the past few weeks, the same phrase (more like a mantra) keeps playing in my head on repeat no matter the situation or circumstance. What is that phrase?

Less Is More.

Less is more works when it comes to eating. I need to down-size portions and cut back on snacks, desserts, and even wine/booze (yes, there, I said it). I even got a jump on this one about a month ago when I found myself falling off the gym bandwagon (whoops). I told myself if I am not going to make time for the gym (or really have time, because come on, holidays anyone?!), then I must cut down on meal sizes and cut back on wine at dinnertime. It’s worked so far; I’ve actually lost a few pounds since post-Thanksgiving. Not bad for simply making a decision to eat more consciously! However, after seeing some vacation photos of myself, along with the food and drink I chose to consume while on said vacation, I do have a looooooong way to go on this one. And that’s OK.

Less is more works when it comes to stuff. Yes, STUFF. I am so sick of stuff. I am sick of the glut of crap in my home, car, and in the world in general. Where did all this stuff come from anyway?! Well, I have a few ideas of our own sources of influx, but yeah, we won’t go there (I do love to shop after all). However, it’s time to cut back on consumption for the sake of wants. Truth is, while I might want a lot, I need very little, so it’s high time my habits reflect my own sentiments. Same goes for C and T, too. Well, not that C has ever had a problem with this; after all, he’s a life-long clutter-hater and has no problem throwing anything out that he simply doesn’t use, want, and/or need any longer. But on the flip-side, I can see T’s hoarding habits starting to mimic my own overstuffed closets and bureaus. T still has toddler toys taking up valuable storage real estate in his room, and that is not good. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to go on a stuff diet, declutter, and donate. When is the next hand-me-down event again?

Less is more works when it comes to words. OK, so this blog post might not truly reflect this, but I really REALLY need to cut these posts down. One, I am too wordy (duh). Two, no one has the time to read all these words. And three, I honestly don’t have the time to write all these lengthy posts. I need to pick and choose my written words more carefully. I also need to make simpler captions for my photos and cut back on the number of pictures per post. I need to use less tags on my posts, too. I recently learned that in just a year-and-a-half I’ve built my tag list to more than 2000 entries – REALLY?! Well, that seems crazy-high to me anyway (and looks like yet another area of my life in need of decluttering and simplification, too). The same goes for my spoken words. I need to remember than the words “yes” and “no” are in fact adequate and precise answers to a lot of questions asked and requests made of me and my family’s time. I must remember that it is OK to leave an email or text message hanging unanswered. There’s no need to reply with a smiley face or whatever just to get the last word in. In general, if I find that I’ve said what I entered into a conversation to say, then peace out and I’ll talk (or text or email) with you later.

I’ll stop there. After all less is more, right?

RMT’ers, what are your Rules to Live By for 2013?