Thanks, RMTers :)

Hi Everyone! I humbly acknowledge and admit that this space has not entertained new prose for quite some time now. Additionally, this typically would be the time of the year I would be reaching out to the more than 100+ programs here in the Long Beach (CA) area for updates on their Summer Camp programs.

It is safe to say that those days are now behind me.

After a few years of no new content posts (thanks, life) followed by a season of no Summer Camps updates in 2020 (thanks, Covid), I am officially calling it for the RMT Blog and Summer Camps list. After almost 10 years and 500 original blog posts, including seven (!) of those years (2013-2019) having also actively informed the local community about the fabulous Summer Camp and other program offerings in the LB and surrounding areas, my focus has officially moved onto other things. Whether it is paid work, PTA, or just a good Netflix binge, and with my own kiddo (now an actual teenager-!!!) having moved on from the constant need for scheduled activities during weekends and school breaks, it’s time to allow someone else to fill the need for littles activity guidance in and around our community. Actually, I am pretty sure someone(s) already have more than filled that need (thanks, too many options to link to here). 😉

I will leave the blog and Summer Camps list up at this domain as a preserved archive for general information going forward. Remember it is searchable. Heck, I even think sometimes I even still get lucky with a Google search and see my former creations pop up time to time. That’s fun.

Thanks for the memories, RMT’ers. Be well, stay safe, and take care.