WANTED: Summer Camp Listings for 2018!

It’s almost that time, RMT’ers! SUMMER CAMP time!

Well, OK, not exactly ALMOST, but truth is I am gearing up for the 6th Annual (!!!!!! < that’s six exclamation points FYI) Real Mom Time (RMT) Summer Camps List!

I will be in the process of breaking down last year’s list and building it back up in the next few months.

So it’s time to ask yourselves:

Are you a company or organization and you need to update your entry for 2018?

Or… are you with a group that offers an AMAZING Summer Camp that is NOT listed that RMT readers ought to know about?

Or – and this is the best really – are you a RMT reader who wants to share a wonderful testimonial from a camp you attended that is either on the list or would like to add this season?

Either way, it’s super simple to be listed!

Please include the details as follows, which would be helpful/useful for readers:
– formal name of summer camp
– organization/company name and contact info (phone address email website)
– week(s)/ dates of camp
– ages/grade levels offered
– pricing (incl any coupon codes and/or pre-enrollment date discount deadlines)
– location (if not the address provided in contact)
-(if applicable) link to summer camp dedicated website page in addition to above company/organization website domain
– link to enrollment form, AND/OR
– when/where/how to sign up

Please note: I will not have additional space to include photos of fliers this year, but the above details will allow a proper write-up. Thanks for understanding!

Happy Camping! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!