What I Got Yesterday at the Missoni-for-Target Grand Opening

Not a bathing suit, just a cute bra-lette and undies Missoni-for-Target set that I think I can sleep in once the Santa Anas hit town.

So yesterday was the long-awaited and very much anticipated (by myself anyway!) Missoni-for-Target  release date (September 13, 2011). Yeah, this was an actual event I scheduled into my calendar. Please, do not snicker. This is important stuff, folks! I mean, I’ve anticipated many of the designer Target lines before (Issac Mizrahi, Paul and Joe, etc.), but this was different: It’s Missoni!

(Oh, by the way, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who cared either… )

You wanted some Missoni-for-Target stationery? Yeah, turns out so did a lot of other folks!

I arrived at my local Target just before 9 a.m., or right after dropping T at school. My Target store opens at 8 a.m.; however, I got a text from another friend inside that read, “FYI Missoni at target on bellflower completely sold out when I was there at 8:30.” Uh-oh. I was reading this as I literally parked the car and was getting out and going inside. I guess the parking lot and front doors were something like a Black Friday of crowds before the store even opened. Yowzers!

I did scrounge up this Missoni-for-Target train case in the beauty aisle; it shall happily replace my older, smaller, more boring white one.

Well, I texted back something to the nature of, “Well, I’m here now and coming in anyway.” Turns out, she was still inside, too, and on the hunt for something – anything really. Just as we started our search, in walked another friend of ours, not really knowing what she was walking into, not even really knowing what Missoni was but was willing to hang and check it out with us. I quickly got her up to speed; after showing her a few of the picked-over racks, she was knee-deep in the hunt right along with us.

So we wandered around, searching all the sections of the store high and low, back to front and back again. After all, this wasn’t just limited to women’s clothing. There were girl’s clothes, shoes, home wares, bed sheets, beauty products, travel items, and bicycles. Yes, bicycles!

Missoni-for-Target even rolled in some bikes for their grand opening this morning!

While the bike was out of my price range even for being Missoni at Target, I did manage to pick up a few other items…

Missoni-for-Target romper

I think this Missoni-for-Target skirt is perfect for showing my Charger colors this football season...

… and some more…

Despite the madness, I managed to find a coordinating Missoni-for-Target outfit - success!

I even found coordinating shorts to rotate in with the top above when the skirt's not available!

… and even some more after that!

You want some Missoni-for-Target dishes? Yeah, you're SOL on opening day anyway.

By the time we left, my friends and I were saturated with Missoni, and the shelves were empty. While we can’t take full responsibility for all the sell-outs at our Target location, we admit, we did more than our fair share.

In my mad rush, I did commit one rookie mistake... I didn't check the tag against the hangar on this bra. So... anyone out there wear a 36B? If not I'm taking it back ASAP to check for my true size.

The Missoni-for-Target line is around through mid-October, so I’ll have a few more opportunities to go back and check if there’s anything I might have missed out on. For now though, thanks, I’m good.