One Ticket Please: T Rides Solo

Speaking of growing up and engineers (OK maybe not those types of engineers), T took his very first solo train trip earlier this month!

The Balboa Park Railroad in San Diego (CA).

The Balboa Park Railroad “station” in San Diego (CA). Sure is a lot fancier than it was 30-plus years ago in my youth!


The Balboa Park Railroad is ready for departure!


One of T’s favorite things to do while visiting with Grandma Beep in San Diego is to take a spin on the Balboa Park Miniature Railroad. This is an outdoor model train located near the San Diego Zoo that I myself grew up taking rides on with Grandma Beep, I mean, my mom; now it’s T’s turn to be Grandma’s riding companion. Well, that is, until now.

T ready for his ride on the Balboa Park Railroad!

T ready for his ride on the Balboa Park Railroad! Watch out for that bear, T!

When we arrived at the depot, T asked very matter-of-factly if he could ride alone on the train. This would be the first time he’d do this on an all-ages attraction (he’s ridden plenty of those kiddie amusement rides alone over the last couple of years). I’ll be honest… in all the years I grew up riding the Balboa Park Railroad, I do not believe I ever rode it by myself! I always remember my mom or a friend being with me, and I was (and am) a fairly independent person. Hard to believe I never thought to ask to ride alone really (um, duh?!).


Well, after looking over the rules, it appears that children UNDER five are required to be accompanied by an adult while riding, but five-and-up can go it alone so long as it’s OK with their adult guardian. Well, T was with me, his dad, and Grandma, and we all just sort-of looked at one another puzzled but clear-headedly told T that he was welcome to ride solo.


“One ticket please.” I can’t believe how fast those three words have settled into our vocabulary after hearing the words, “Sorry, but you’re not tall enough to ride,” for so long and not too long ago either.


How did T enjoy the ride? I think his face shows it all. And C, Grandma, and I enjoyed watching T discover a new-found independence, too, even if it took us a bit by surprise. Good thing we love surprises.

What milestones have your kids hit recently that you cannot believe have arrived as soon as they have, RMT’ers?

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