T’s (and my) First Day of School

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your end-of-summer days if you are still officially enjoying your summer break where you are!

As for here and as mentioned on Friday, T had his first day of school last week. Hip-hip hooray! No, really, he was super-duper excited, too. I even got a photo of him smiling and a nice video of him telling me what he’s looking forward to in school this year (“playing with toys and playing in the (small) yard when we are allowed to”). Oh, enjoy it while you can, T.

Here’s a run-down of how my first day of school went:

9a – drop-off complete
930a-1045a – had a nice, long, gym workout
11a – Dollar Tree hunt for birthday party stuff
1120a – Costco gas
1130a – mailbox drop-off #1
1145a – mailbox drop off #2
Noon – got home, unloaded car, showered
1245p – started on organizing T’s closet: consolidating art supplies; taking stock of birthday party decorations, favors, and other assorted items; storing away presents for others and for T; purging old clothes; and hanging new-size clothes (just the beginning, folks).
2pm – lunched
215p – wrote up/ post a blog entry
305p – school called telling me that gymnastics IS on vacation this week and asks me to please come and get him now (vs. 345p)
320p – pickup complete
340p – Frosted Cupcakery for a post-school day celebration 🙂
4pm – home with cupcakes and Monsters Inc.; made three appointments at three different places via phone

In summary: Quite a productive day, yet a lot more to do in the coming weeks.

Here’s what T said he did at school his first day:

“I saw that big dog from Disneyland (“Goofy?” I asked. “Yeah, him.”) riding Bullseye.”

No, there are no TVs at T’s school.

Ah, and with that – welcome back, school year! It’s nice to see you again, and nice to see that there’s a ride off into the sunset on the first day of school anyway.