Let’s Go Ride a Bike!

C got our bikes all cleaned up a few weeks ago, which might seem like a little too late with summer being over and all. But really, there’s still a lot of lovely weather and sunlit evenings left through Daylight Savings Time anyway, so as the saying goes, better late than never!

Of course, C’s bike checks focused on safety first. Once C hauled the bikes out of storage from behind the garage, he scanned from handlebar to rear wheel on both bikes for anything that required replacing. As it turns out, his bike needed new tubes and rubber; mine, rusty frame aside (it is more than 35 years old after all, bought it a few years ago from a local selling an old Huffy), was in pretty decent shape, which makes sense since I hardly ride it much. Everything else on both bikes was tip-top, so C put in the order for his replacement tire parts, got those a week later, and fixed his bike tires. From there C and T opened up the bike wash and got down and dirty with both bikes.

Now that the two bikes were safe, clean, and happy, that left us with a burning question: What can T ride with us? His Big Wheel-style trike wasn’t going to cut it, and I don’t think he could Skuut alongside fast enough nor in the street safe enough to keep up (or better yet, us ride slow enough to stay with him safely).

T heading off on his first ride on his new Wee-Ride Co-pilot on the back of Dad's bike!

C remembered that a friend of ours has a Wee-Ride attachment on the back of his bike so that their daughter can ride pretty much anywhere around town safely. And because it’s attached, there’s literally no chance of the kid lagging behind. Sure, it’s that tandem issue of constantly wondering and perhaps asking aloud, “Are ya pedaling back there?!” But honestly, when it’s your kid, who cares. So C placed one more order, and just another short week later, we were back on the road again, this time as a family of three.

Enjoy the ride wherever you are!