TREAT TUESDAY: My Favorite Food Finds

SIDENOTE FOR REGULAR READERS: I’m taking a break from “Tip Tuesday” and going with “Treat Tuesday” instead for a few weeks. So starting today and on future Tuesdays until I change my mind again, you can check here on Tuesdays for Treats, not Tips. Or maybe now it’s just really ­Tips about Treats…. Well, whichever way you prefer to look at it, enjoy the eats!


I thought I’d start out easy on this first Treat Tuesday and post a list of a few of my favorite food and recipe blogs, websites, TV shows, books and/or magazines. These are the places where I gather much of my inspiration, so I’d love to share the wealth with you, RMT’ers. Happy browsing!

Chocolate Custard Cream Pie, inspired from one of Salad in a Jar's recipe posts.

Salad in a Jar   This blog started out as a guide about how you can eat anything and everything you want, so long as you start it out by eating a “salad in a jar.” While I haven’t explored this in depth, what I have learned here are several “fake-and-bake” recipes, microwave-versus-oven baking techniques, and other shortcut preparation tips for cooking and baking both.

Lemon Meringue Pie, all thanks to My Baking Addiction's lemon curd recipe... made a few of these pies within days of each other it was that easy!

My Baking Addiction   I found a recipe here for microwavable lemon curd, which is simply dangerous yet delicious to know – and it makes a fabulous lemon meringue pie filling, too. So when life hands you lemons, make limoncello from the rinds, and lemon curd from the rest!

I was looking for the how-to on baking cupcakes in ice cream cones. I think Real Simple came up with a two-step process, which was simple enough for my needs!

Real Simple   This website and the print magazine are both fabulous go-to sources for quick weeknight meals and desserts, which involve short and easy ingredient lists and preparation times. Also if I ever do a search on how to do something in the kitchen and Real Simple comes up as one of the options, it’s my first choice because I don’t have time to decipher anything once I’m in the kitchen working. I need it to be, well, real simple, and they truly live up to their name.

America’s Test Kitchen  and Cook’s Illustrated   A true testament to the trial-and-error that surrounds creation of the perfect recipe, ATK on PBS is a remote-stopper in our house. And when I’m looking for something special, especially around the holidays when I’m baking, their sister magazine CI hits my sweet spot. Last Christmas I found several new and yummy recipes in the special cookie issue, many of which will become new traditions at our house at the holidays.

Food Network  I have just two peeps here: Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis .

If you want to learn more about the science of cooking and don’t know about him already, AB is your guy and his kitchen is your laboratory. He teaches viewers of Good Eats exactly why eggs emulsify the way they do into certain mixtures, or why certain ingredients at room temperature are just going to behave in certain ways versus straight from the fridge. It’s through his basic breakdown and understanding of food behaviors that he helps recipes become even better than they are off the page.

As for Ms. G, there’s no one who can chef up basic Italian favorites better by keeping it down-home  and family-style, but at the same time she still manages to add that special spice into the mix to keep it fresh and new just the same. Have some leftover spaghetti and marinara sauce? Well, then, do this: mix an egg and some milk into it with some parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper; fry it up in a skillet; and you have yourself a nice Italian pasta frittata breakfast.

The ever-trendy cake pop. I was obsessed with these for a while, which I will tell you more about in a future post, so stay tuned!

I’ll elaborate on more of my food finds as Tuesdays come and go. Until then, share with me… what are some of your favorite food blogs, magazines, or television shows that you get your inspiration from?

2 responses to “TREAT TUESDAY: My Favorite Food Finds

  1. Love your new treat Tuesday! And may I add some of my faves:
    – archive of all Cooking Light’s recipes, plus some bonus magazines’
    – Love reading about her single girl LA life almost as much as her recipes
    - The belief that you should cook one meal, not be a short-order chef for each member of the family. Free registration, and then you can access all her great menus for the week.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll have to check out those three sites and see what I come up with next. Though I am fairly certain I’ve used before just by random searching about, especially if it’s the archive you say it is…

      And YES – you go by not being a short-order cook, too! We have started on that mission recently ourselves. Last night’s dinner was a baked pasta shells w homemade meat sauce (had defrosted some frozen from the last batch made up) and sprinkled Parmesan cheese that was simply plated for T with a side of broccoli, no discussions of what he wanted, no reserved plain pasta. Lo and behold the “dirty pasta” got absolutely no comments from T, just gobbled right up! I was a little worried because he’d had a plate of snacks maybe 90 minutes before dinner (I put a sample plate out from our grocery store purchases from the Sprouts bulk bins, more on that later), but this boy is growing big time I guess because he ate again just fine! Woot woot for the singular family meal!

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