Don’t You Love a Great Sale? Who Doesn’t!

My friend was at the Nordstrom Rack in our area last week and happened upon a HUGE markdown event in the making in their kids’ area. She was all set to buy a ton of stuff but a manager quickly told her that the event wasn’t on yet. Oops. Seemed weird, but after some poking around, it turns out the store staff needed extra time the day before during store hours to get it all tagged and set up. The manager did later apologize to her for denying her the right to buy considering it was all on the store floor (the manager even put her on a special notification list for future “secret” markdown event start-dates, sweet).

While my friend couldn’t buy right then and there, she took stock of her finds and decided she was going back at opening the next day, ready to purchase. She called and asked if I wanted to come along.


We – along with all our crazy kids, ha, broke my rule for this one – met at the Rack around 10 a.m. ready to rifle through the deals. While I honestly wasn’t looking for anything in particular, hey, if things are more than 50 percent off (and some items were up to 90 percent off), I’m looking for something – anything!

After 30 minutes of shopping, here’s what I walked off with, all for T:

Nike Pants – Regular $32.00/$18.97 Rack Regular; sale 85% off for $4.80

Union Bay T-shirt – Regular $22.00/$12.97 Rack Regular; sale 85% off for $3.30

Union Bay T-shirt – Regular $22.00/$12.97 Rack Regular; sale 85% off for $3.30

Union Bay T-shirt – Regular ­­­$22.00/$12.97 Rack Regular; sale 60% off for $8.80 (this one seemed too high compared to the other two similar shirts, but T really liked it so I let it go)

Slap Watch – $8.97 (found mine recently for $7.49 + $4.95 s/h)

And, finally, I saved the best score for last…­ and another big thanks to my friend for finding this one…

Here's a shot of the 99 cent price tag on that Hurley T-shirt I found for T!

Hurley-brand T-shirt – Regular $16.00/$11.97 Rack Regular; sale 94% off (!)… FOR 99 CENTS! Who finds Hurley anything for 99 cents?! It would have been crazy not to get it really.

Receipt total = $32.80

I’m looking forward to the next big “secret sale” – with my good friend, of course!