Sunday Afternoon in the Park at Polliwog Park’s Free Summer Concert Series!

Our view of the concert the other weekend in Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park. Shows run on Sunday afternoons late June through Labor Day in the summertime.

Speaking of free summer fun and concerts, Manhattan Beach’s (CA) Polliwog Park has hosted their FREE Sunday summer concert series (thanks to a variety of sponsors) for more than 30 years now, and we finally got around to making the trek north to take advantage of one of their shows!

Kids climbing trees and listening to music in Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park. Now this screams summer to me!

Well, the show was as great as our friends have raved about! They’ve been going to a handful of shows each summer for a few years now, and now that they have kids it’s an even better experience than ever for them. Polliwog Park has a couple of nice playgrounds right near the concert venue to enjoy before and during the show without missing a beat. There are also nice trees to climb, paths to wander, and a huge dance floor just below center stage that audience members of all ages can partake of depending on whatever type of fun they’re looking for.

C gets fanned by T after the drive to the Sunday concert in Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park, though the drive in reality wasn’t bad at all. Nice!

We’d always been hesitant to go to these shows because of the slight distance from our house on a Sunday afternoon. With traffic along the 405 being what it is, and that is not fun most of the time especially in the summer months, we tend to homebody and hometown on Sundays to rest up from our already busy weekends in preparation for another busy week ahead. Yet in reality, the drive wasn’t so bad at all (knock wood for next time)!

The kids taking a break during intermission at one of Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park summer concerts.

Concerts are Sundays from 5pm to 7pm through Labor Day weekend, with a small intermission after about an hour or so into the show. Plus, if you get there a little early (around 3pm), the parking’s pretty wide open and close to the venue (as are the seats for the show), and the kids can enjoy the playground area and other open green spaces in Polliwog Park pre-show. And, more great news, RMT’ers! The good times keep rolling once home as the kids easily land in bed by a very decent hour to wrap up the fun day out as well as the weekend overall.

We enjoyed watching and listening to (and dancing to) Ronny and the Classics, a 50’s and 60’s band, the other Sunday at Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park.

T and his friend having a rockin’ great time at one of Manhattan Beach’s free Sunday summer concerts. Please note RMT’ers: Little kids LOVE dancing to the oldies!

T enjoys a Thermos dog (hot dogs cooked in boiling water in a Thermos, they stay hot for hours!) while listening and dancing to music out at a concert in Polliwog Park.

More information on concert line-ups, schedules, and park rules and regulations is here. This Sunday’s show is the Tom Nolan Band, a R&B Motown group. Oh, that’s another thing… there’s music for everyone in the series, so be sure to check the schedule for your favorite type of music so you don’t miss out! T really loved the 50’s and 60’s band we saw, Ronny and the Classics. So pack a picnic, RMT’ers, and go enjoy the show! (PS Parents: Responsible alcoholic consumption is a-OK in Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park during the Sunday shows. Cheers!)

T and C loved the free concert in Polliwog Park! We’ll be back!

We will return to more of these free summer concerts in Polliwog Park. Thanks to Manhattan Beach for a great Sunday afternoon – and evening – in the park!