Hullabaloo Band Is Raising a Ruckus Again this Summer!

Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library seems like an unlikely stop for a music show, but Hullabaloo doesn’t think so! Their summer library tours have become somewhat of a tradition for us over the years, and we only hope it continues for years to come!

Speaking of free summer fun, last week we were lucky enough to be a part of Hullabaloo Band’s summer library tour audience at their show stop at the Seal Beach/Mary Wilson Public Library! I blogged about Hullabaloo last summer also; given that a whole year almost to the exact day has passed since that post, it’s safe to say that Hullabaloo remains one of T’s favorite kiddo bands (and mine, too).

Hullabaloo’s Steve Denyes sings to the wee ones at Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library last week.

T and friends shake, shimmy, and sing along with Hullabaloo’s Steve Denyes at Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library.

The kids enjoyed dancing and twirling to Hullabaloo’s music last week at the Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library.

Singing traditional favorites such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” along with original tunes like “Ants in my Pants” and “Run Bunny Run,” Hullabaloo’s Steve Denyes still knows how to rouse the preschool and elementary school set from their seats with music that’s sure to get you moving and dancing around. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but the library setting is a perfect, cozy venue for Hullabaloo Steve as his music is not that usual grating, “Please, STOP before I jump out the window!” style of kiddie tunes that we moms all wish we’d never hear once let alone ever again. His playing and singing (and watching your child’s reaction to it) makes you want to buy his CDs and download his music for your iPods (we personally own four of his albums as well as a t-shirt; you can even download some free Christmas tunes in their online store). That and I have to say that as a red-blooded mama, Steve’s not hard to look at either (whoops, did I just write that?!).

More singing, laughing, and dancing good times with Hullabaloo Band at Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library!

My son, the scarf dancer! Hullabaloo brings out all kinds of sillies from the kiddos!

One of our play group pals shouts it out at the Hullabaloo show last week at Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library.

Other friends have joined us over the years to see him play previous shows as well as this most recent one, and they, too, were glad they made the trek to do so. Hullabaloo has also played Bella Terra’s Kids Club the last couple of summers (and we hope he returns in August or September!), and they are available for private parties, too.

Some of the Coastal Cuties of Long Beach pose after the show with Hullabaloo’s Steve Denyes at Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library.

T and some of his bestest pals at the Hullabaloo show last week.

Hullabaloo’s Steve Denyes and T together after the show last week. Thanks Steve for always being such a great entertainer for the kids and families in whole!

The Seal Beach Library show lasted about an hour, and afterward Steve was kind enough to oblige us with a photo with T and his friends from our play group who attended with us. Steve even took a photo one-on-one with T, which was really kind. Thanks again Steve for a great show and for the photo opps!

Shake your shakers! Hullabaloo gets the kids moving and grooving (and rattling) along with its down-home, home-grown style of tunes perfect for all-ages!

Hullabaloo’s summer library tour isn’t over yet, RMT’ers! Check their schedule for upcoming show dates and times, which are mostly in the San Diego County area but there are a few more shows scheduled in Orange and Los Angeles Counties here and there, too, for those who can’t get down south this summer. Shows are FREE and are a guaranteed good time for all, including parents who will come to appreciate Steve’s talents as much as the kids like bouncing around to and singing along with his songs.

And, Hullabaloo has a new album coming out very soon, too! Raise a Ruckus is in previews now, and you can read a lovely review of the album at the Mommy Ramblings blog. Also, after you finish their rave review, don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom to enter to win your own copy of the Raise a Ruckus CD! The contest looks like it ends sometime later Tuesday (TOMORROW), so get those entries in. Looks like you can simply enter by leaving a comment on her blog, and if you have time you can also do a few other things for additional chances to win as well; please read her website for details!

The kids jump on the trolley after the Hullabaloo show at the Seal Beach/ Mary Wilson Public Library. The Red Car Museum is open on the second and fourth Saturdays, and we hope to check this out soon, and I’ll let you know when we do, RMT’ers! For more information, go to .

Thanks to Steve and Hullabaloo Band for coming all the way to Seal Beach this summer to Raise a Ruckus with us and our kids!