Ahoy, RMT’ers!

T in front of the Long Beach Marine Stadium launch ramp sign, where we drive down to launch our boat off of the sandy beach ramp area.

I can’t believe I’ve never shared any photos of our family’s adventures on our small, inflatable boat! We got a small 9-foot Mercury (Zodiac-like brand) dinghy second-hand a few years ago just after having T, and it’s been something of a new family tradition of ours during the summertime and on other warm weather days year-round.

C pulls the boat over to the launch area with T bringing up the rear!

We are lucky that the boat is small. I know you probably never hear that, but it’s true in our case. We don’t live that far from the water or the beach (just about five minutes from the house), so it’s a lot easier (and cheaper given we’re not paying for a slip, dock, or cleaning service) for C to load the boat and motor into the back of his truck and drive it down to the water whenever we want to go for a ride. And, apart from the small amount of gas to run the 2.5-horsepower outmotor (I think it’s $2 a fill-up?) and the regular maintenance (which mostly consists of a part here-there and C’s patience and time after a period where the boat’s sat idle for a little while), this is a wonderful and relatively free activity our family can enjoy pretty much year-round so long as the weather is cooperative!

T at the bow of the boat in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, CA.

Bayshore Library in Long Beach, CA, or as T exclaimed, “Hey, our library!”

C took some time the other weekend to clean up the boat and tune up the motor so we could take the boat out for the first time just before Independence Day. Since it was the first ride of the season, we didn’t go too far from shore to be sure the motor was up and working properly.

A view of Mothers Beach playground from the waters of Alamitos Bay in Long Beach (CA).

T takes in the beautiful views from the bow of our small boat during a ride through Alamitos Bay, Long Beach (CA).

T with our boat on the launch ramp beach in Marine Stadium, Long Beach (CA).

Test successful! And now that the test run is over (for now, as you never know what might happen with a boat or its motor, even as tiny as this motor is), we’re ready to enjoy many more boat trips this summer! Bon voyage, RMT’ers!