Happy Birthday, Dearest C!

C’s birthday was yesterday… not a milestone birthday exactly, but let’s just say he’s officially in his late-30s now (tee hee). Happy Birthday, Babe!

To kick off the celebration, first C went to work. Yep, as you might know most times when it comes to birthdays, it’s just business as usual and another ordinary day for us adults. Heck, most kids even have to go to school on their own Big Day just as T did this year, yet there’s something slightly more fun about a kid going to school on their birthday than an adult going to work on theirs. So off C went to work, off T went to school, and off I went about my day… though I did meet C for a lovely, kid-free birthday lunch.

Once C was home from work, the birthday games officially began. We loaded into the car and headed off to C’s special choice for birthday dinner, Chick-fil-A. See, here’s the deal, RMT’ers: C REALLY doesn’t like to make a big deal about his birthday, at all (did I mention he went to work?), so he chose a dinner spot he knew the boy would enjoy. What a great dad, huh? I say that because one, he is a fantastic dad (truly and completely), and two, I honestly can say I won’t do the same thing when my birthday comes around. But I say good on C for taking one for Team P… or not, since C really doesn’t see his choice as taking one for the team because all he truly cares about is being together as a family and he doesn’t care where that happens. While that’s awesome, I both care about being together as a family unit AND getting a tasty, nice-ish dinner out of it simultaneously. So as much as I do adore CFA, sorry T, my choice likely won’t involve a play-place or chicken nuggets.

Happy Birthday to my Dearest husband, C!

When we got home, C opened his cards and we had cake and ice cream. The cake I made him this year is called Amie’s Triple Coconut Cake. I baked the cake the night before, let it set up in the fridge overnight as directed, and finished it the morning-of with the whip cream and coconut shavings. I’ll post the recipe again on Treat Tuesday with my own special tweaks (read: no Cool Whip, as that’s sort-of banned in this house, at least it is by C, so I had to tweak that part), so stay tuned. And PS – yes, it was as good as it looks, if you enjoy coconut, that is (because it’s REAL coco-nutty-licious!).

To cap off the evening, we all got into our jammies and watched the annual screening of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” together. While you might think this was a T-influenced choice as well, I beg to differ; it’s a seasonal classic that we’ve enjoyed as individuals since our own childhood and now have passed it on to T so we can enjoy it together as a family. I’m just glad that it still airs on broadcast TV each year so T can continue this time-honored tradition. And the fact it happened to air on C’s birthday this year just made it that much easier to figure out what we’d do together after the big birthday dinner and dessert, and of course made it all that much more special.

So happiest of birthdays to you, C! And many, many more! Mwah!