Tales from the Tubby

I love to eavesdrop on tubby time. That’s the time that C gets with T one-on-one every single night. And usually with tubby time comes some crazy – but extremely cool – conversations.

The other night, C and T had a chat about getting older. Since T’s birthday is coming up next week, T’s been asking more and more about what it means to get older. So the other night T asked his Dad what it means to get older, and C just told him some basics: your body is getting bigger, taller, and more grown-up looking; you start to behave more maturely; and you are further away from being a baby. Ya know, the usual stuff, and pretty much the same stuff I’d been telling him for the last few weeks myself.

But the funniest stuff came out when C started to demonstrate a few things that will (hopefully) change once T turns four… here are just a couple of examples of the snippets I overheard:

C: “When you turn four, you don’t whine or cry anymore. For example, three-year-olds might say, ‘Meh, meh, nyeh, Wah WAH!’; but four-year-olds would get attention by saying, ‘I have something important to say, please hear me out.’”

C: “Three year olds say goodnight to their parents after running into the room, jumping on the bed, and screaming “AHHHHahhhh!”; but four-year-olds walk over and say really nicely and calmly, ‘Good night, Dad, I love you (kiss kiss gently).’”

Of course, after T heard all these examples, he gladly mimicked the three-year-old POV right back, at maximum volume, multiple times. Usually, I’d be more than a little miffed regarding the amp’ing up before bedtime, but I have to admit, tonight’s performance was particularly hysterical all-around. And as an added bonus, not only did I just overhear all this from the other room, I then even got a first-person, in-person demonstration post-tub of the examples in action. Good times, and again, quite funny – because it’s true. Well, the three-year-old part is anyway; I can only dream that the four-year-old part is accurate anyway.

It’s my last weekend as a mom to a three-year-old as T turns four next week… can’t wait to see what four brings forth!