Support Your Local Pumpkin Patch Before It’s Gone for the Season!

Wheel yourself on down to Pa's Pumpkin Patch for some Halloween family fun!

We finally got around to heading to our local pumpkin patch this week! It’s about time given they all close up come Monday, eh? But thankfully it’s only two short miles from the house, and a family tradition already.

T digs into the piles of pumpkins down at Pa's Pumpkin Patch.

Pa’s Pumpkin Patch, located on PCH in the Southeast corner of Long Beach, has been our Halloween seasonal destination since T a baby. It’s a “traveling” pumpkin patch, meaning that it’s not an authentic farm setting or anything like that, but boy is it sure fun for the wee ones! I think we took T there for the first time as an infant to take pumpkin baby pictures, and then starting when he was around two years old, T started going for the rides. Given there’s a train ride, T loved it from the start. And if he is lucky enough to be the engineer, ride up front, and ring the bell, that makes not just the entire outing but his entire day.

Choo-choo! T loves the "red train" down at Pa's Pumpkin Patch and has for years now!

Just one of the several "head hole" and pumpkin row areas of Pa's Pumpkin Patch.

But T also has grown to love other things about Pa’s as the years go by, too. Last year he discovered this silly car ride that’s just a simple carousel of fixed cars, trucks, and motorcycles that goes around and around. It’s the simple things, right? And this week the ride monitor was wearing a Buzz Lightyear hoodie, which T loved, too, given his costume of choice this Halloween.

T rides on the fire truck at Pa's Pumpkin Patch, part of their "Car City Ride."

This year T has added new favorite thing down at Pa’s: the “head holes.” You know, those displays where you put your face in a hole and take stock photos in the pumpkin yards. This place must have at least a dozen of these stands, and T literally ran through all of them and put his head in the holes. Whether we were fast enough to get his photo as he looked through all of them is another story.

What does your pumpkin say about you this Halloween? Let Pa's Pumpkin Patch inscribe your message of choice this season! Artwork by 21st Century Pumpkins, Ernie Gonzalez.

T finds a nice stalk of cut wheat in Pa's Pumpkin Patch's "Harvest Festival" area.

You will find several carnival-style games down at Pa’s (win-a-goldfish, ring the bell with the hammer and win a prize, etc.), but T’s not quite drawn to those just yet. And that’s fine… keep on riding – and head-holing – T! There’s also a pony ride on-site, along with a petting zoo, bounce houses, traditional fair foods… and, better yet, artisans on-site to style your pumpkin with your team name of choice while you wait. There’s also a lovely little Harvest Festival area, where you can hand-pick gourds, fancy miniature pumpkins, and other seasonal cuttings to round out your fall cornucopia and centerpieces.

Run free through the rows of pumpkins down at Pa's Pumpkin Patch.

If you find yourself with a few minutes and driving by Pa’s, turn off and head inside. With free entry for all and for just a few dollars more, your kids can ride a ride or two or take home a few miniature pumpkins. Even better, for free your kids can stick their heads in some head holes or run through the rows of pumpkins for some great fall photo opps. Whatever you choose to do while there, just remember that Pa’s roadside sign says it all: “Fun for the whole family!”