The Power of Play: A Follow-Up

As promised last week, I said if I learned more about how you can get involved with Power Play Kids’ Gym I’d pass that information along. Well, RMT’ers, I learned even more than I expected!

I contacted Miss Jodie via email to ask her for her website information or anything else she might like to add to what I wrote (because I wrote what I wrote because we love Power Play, not because I had Miss Jodie’s permission nor did any real research beforehand). Well, it turns out that Power Play is a one-woman operation and has been the past 10 years: Miss Jodie is the singular owner-operator-teacher of this amazing program.

Here are a few words from the Power Play woman herself:

“I started Power Play Kids’ Gym (PPKG) 10 years ago and have loved every minute of it. I truly feel like I have the best job ever!! One of the things that I believe sets my program apart from my competitors is that I’m not part of a big franchise with a bunch of random coaches showing up. I am the only coach, and have been since I started. My business is small, but that allows me to keep a relationship with the schools and the families I coach. So I really am just a small-time business gal who LOVES her job. I also can proudly say that I have been coaching at just about every one of my schools for 10 years now. T’s school has been good to me. I love that school and all of the staff there. T’s doing a great job in our class, by the way!!  He really seems to enjoy it. 🙂

“Thanks so, so much for your kind words and putting Power Play out there. I also love that you used ‘the Power of Play’… that is the theme all over my website (coming soon!).”


Again, I can’t say enough how much I believe in this program, and now that I know it’s just Miss Jodie working this biz… well, it gets an even bigger WOW from me if that’s even possible! How phenomenal that we have this program available to us, and even more inspirational is how Miss Jodie has been able to sustain this business for 10 years and by doing something she’s so passionate about. I commend and celebrate her success and passion!

Miss Jodie also teaches more than just school-based classes; she is available for private parties, birthdays, and other special events. I’ve listed Miss Jodie’s contact details below should you become as inspired as I have from her story and our experiences with her. Happy Power-Playing!


Power Play Kids’ Gym
Cell phone: 714-585-7058
Email address:
Facebook page:!/pages/Power-Play-Kids-Gym/182899318451453
Website: (under construction, should be up and running soon)