Just Call Me Auntie RMT (and T Cuzzie)!

Welcome to the world, Miss E.H.!

I have some wonderful news to report! T became an official cousin for the first time this month, and C and I officially became Uncle C and Auntie K as well!

She’s awake! I barely recall these newborn days, but at just five days old I guess it’s a rare catch to snap a picture of a newborn with their eyes wide open, as this was the only one I got of E.H. awake inside of our hour-long visit!

E.H. was born July 10, 2012 at a minute before 7pm, weighing 7 lbs., 11 oz. at 19 inches long! I know, that’s a lot of 7s, isn’t it?! I know what number I’m betting next time I’m in Vegas!

T with new cousin E.H. and his Uncle Z, the new Daddy in the family!

T gives his new cousin E.H. a sweet kiss as Daddy Z holds her. While T has always preferred the company of older kids, he still has such a gentle way with the babies and toddlers. I attribute T’s easy-going demeanor with kids of all ages to the fact that we joined our play group at a point where T at the time was the youngest, but moms were getting pregnant with their seconds (and some thirds). This put T in the middle age-wise, allowing him the role of both the oldest and youngest kid at a play date. It’s been a wonderful experience for all of us and helped T’s socialization develop and thrive in ways I could never have anticipated!

Uncle C and cousin T checking out new niece and cousin E.H. T is touching her feet since I’m always all about “only touch a baby’s feet”… that and T just likes feet. Ha!

T, me, and C with new cousin and niece baby E.H. Please read the caption RMT’ers: This is T’s COUSIN and our NIECE. There was some confusion when I shared this photo on my personal Facebook page; some thought they missed some news of our own. No, no… no. But yay for cousins and nieces and nephews!

Anyway, T is over the moon about becoming a cousin, and we’re excited to now have our new roles in the family as well. Since I am an only child, marrying someone with siblings was going to be my only possible “in” for the native Auntie gig; thankfully C had a sibling who chose to go the family way like we did.

M and Z, you two are going to make awesome parents. It’s a hard job and you’re going to be exhausted and frustrated often (possibly for the rest of your lives), but at the end of the day – every day – you will look at one another and say we made it through and kept her alive another day, yet at the same time it’s a joy no one can ever explain to you until you get there yourselves. And now look at you – you’ve arrived! Biggest of congrats to you all, and welcome to the world, little E.H.!

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