T Putt-Putts His Way to Another First!

T's tees off at his first mini-golf outing!

Last weekend was another great first for T – his first official mini-golf outing!

Pizza and popcorn, together at last! T saw one kid doing it, so he gave it a try. Loved it like only a four-year-old could!

T dancing the afternoon away at the Boomers Fountain Valley (CA) arcade!

One of T’s friends turned six-years-old, and the party was out at Boomers Fountain Valley (CA). When I was growing up, RMT’ers, we knew places like this down in San Diego as “Family Fun Center,” and Los Angeles-area natives told me they knew them as Bullwinkle’s. Either way, the place no matter what the name or where or when you experienced it is pretty much exactly the same: Miniature golf courses, arcades, bumper boats, go-karts, and a snack bar with the foods that kids love. Score!

C helps T line up on Hole One at Boomers Fountain Valley (CA).

Don’t get me wrong; T has played mini-golf before in his short four-and-an-almost-half-years of life. He played at his dad’s summer picnic last year, and he’s played plenty of times out on his Grandpa’s putting green since he was a baby. But Sunday marked T’s first organized mini-golf adventure.

T and some of his crazy friends out having a great time at Boomers Fountain Valley (CA).

Oh, wait, did I say organized? Perhaps that’s the wrong adjective when describing a putt-putt outing with a dozen or so three- to six-year-olds, but boy did the kids have a fantastic time out there! I believe this was the first mini-golf outing for the majority of the kids, and that made the experience that much more entertaining and enjoyable for all of us. Well, all of us in our group anyway… not sure what the parties behind and in front of us thought about a herd of preschoolers and Kindergarteners taking over the North Course at Boomers last Sunday.

T goes to church on Sunday out at Boomers Fountain Valley (CA).

It took T a few putt-putts to get through the windmill hole out at Boomers Fountain Valley (CA).

On second thought, who cares what anyone else thought of our disorderly conduct. All we know is that our group had a blast, even if the kids didn’t engage in the traditional canon of etiquette usually associated with golf… though I think it goes without saying that when you’re putting through churches and windmills, the normal rules of the game simply do not apply (thank goodness).

The kids had a hole-in-one-uva great time at Boomers!

Thanks again to G the birthday boy for hosting such a great party! We can’t wait to tee off again soon!