If You Ain’t Beachin’, You Ain’t Livin’

Good Monday morning, RMT’ers! So, what did you do this weekend? How about I just post a few photos of where we spent ours…

Yep, we had PERFECT weather. And by perfect I mean absolutely crazy-wonderful weather for March, summer-worthy weather really. I’m pretty sure it hit close to 80 here in Long Beach, so C dug out our bikes and cleaned them up so the three of us could ride down on the Belmont Shore E. Ocean Blvd. boardwalk. Along the way, we locked up the bikes and ran around, and T climbed up some big ol’ piles of sand. Good times.

And that was just Saturday! Here’s what yesterday had in store…

This is Seal Beach, CA, Long Beach’s neighbor city to the South. Once again the temps reached the 80s on the sand, so we set up camp with some friends for the day and reveled in the sun’s glory. T dug hole after hole to his heart’s content, all while C and I supervised at a lovely distance under the shade of our beach umbrella.

Off there on the horizon on both days? Yes, that’s a crystal-clear view of Catalina Island, which believe it or not is a rare sight to behold most days even though it’s just a short 26 miles across the sea. But thanks to some lovely breezes, all of our gunky air blew away for a couple of days and offered up these vistas to make the weekend just that much more enjoyable.

If anyone still has to ask why folks pay top dollar to live in Southern California, these photos illustrate reason numero uno. I for one am more than happy to pay my share of the Sunshine Tax annually for these returns! And to those who voted California the most hated state, all I have to say is… thanks! That leaves more for us to enjoy and appreciate (and exactly how nutters are you again?!)!

Yep, life’s a beach… and so am I.

Have a great week, RMT’ers, and start your spring (summer?) cleaning now well before the good weather arrives so you, too, can be prepared for your own fun in the sun!