Watching Through a Winter Wonderland… of DVDs!

Do you see what I see? Our holiday DVD collection grows by one or two new movies per season, which gives us a nice variety to choose from for home movie nights in December.

I wrote yesterday about T’s favorite holiday books, but thought I’d tell you today about T’s favorite Christmastime DVDs! And just like the books, these videos only come out at this time of year, making them all the more special in T’s eyes.

So take a look at our little collection below. Maybe there’s something shown here that would deck the halls of your own video library with that extra special Christmas cinematic cheer.

I'll begin with the obvious choices. My train-obsessed T would be lost without his two special Thomas the Train holiday DVDs.

T's dear Auntie Kel gave him these two compilation DVDs one or two seasons ago. They are chock full of public broadcasting favorites, including Fireman Sam, Barney, and Bob the Builder. Yes, I said Barney, but guess what? I've come to accept Barney as friend, not foe. After all, there are not many shows these days that prompts the child to run over and hug and kiss their parents once it ends. I'll take that over a superhero death-match move any day! So Merry Christmas, Barney... you're welcome here anytime, especially at the holidays!

A Nick Jr. favorite, Wubbzy will have your little ones saying WOW WOW when it comes to Christmastime!

A family favorite in this house, we introduced T to this holiday classic this season. I'm not sure what part T liked best, but he at least watched the entire movie with us. And now he understands why we own a leg-lamp tree ornament and cookie cutter (as I said, a family favorite!).

Whether a traditional classic, such as one of the several animated favorites shown above left, or a more modern one as is the movie Elf (right), each offer fantastic holiday entertainment for all-ages. Thanks to Costco for lowering the prices on their holiday DVDs and Blu-Ray discs this season, as it allowed me to add these to our collection this season (and now I don't have to track them down on my cable guide and take up precious DVR space for them anymore either!).

Happy weekend, happy viewing, and Happy Holidays!