Free Sticker (Solicited)! And a Card a Day (Unsolicited)!

Annie's "Deluxe" mac-and-cheese, one of T's favorites!

A few weeks ago I was making T one of his favorite lunches, mac-and-cheese (ha, go figure!), and I noticed something on the back of the box that I’d never paid attention to before…

Want a free sticker? Go ahead and follow these very simple instructions!

I thought, what the heck, I have two minutes, two envelopes, and two stamps. So I addressed one of the envelopes to Annie’s and one to ourselves, stamped and return addressed each of them, and mailed our empty envelope to the clearinghouse thinking we’d get a sticker in about six to eight weeks.

Free sticker! And mail for T! A total 2-for-1!

Well, not even two weeks later (11 days to be exact!), guess what T got in the mail?

Has anyone tried Annie's cereal? I'll be honest, I didn't even know they made cereal! For a buck off, I might try it though!

Naturally, we send out a big thanks and huge props to the Annie’s Natural sticker processing center for their prompt response. T loves the sticker… and the added coupon was a nice bonus for us moms, too!

On another mail-related note…

The wall of the countdown cards... we're about halfway there!

Something cool that T’s grandma is doing this season is to mail a card to T counting down the days until Christmas. This started on December 1, and she hasn’t missed a day yet (she even remembers to mail two cards Friday so that on Saturday we get two envelopes and hold one back for Sunday’s opening!). I mention this today given that today (as I write this) is December 13, and while the 12 days of Christmas do not typically apply to the 12 days BEFORE Christmas, it’s now 12 days until Christmas (eeps!) for those starting their countdowns now. Got that song stuck in your head yet?!

While I wish I were that organized, I’m just not. So thanks Grandma S for the thoughtful new tradition you’ve brought to T this holiday season!

And there it is… Two great ways to keep the United States Postal Service afloat. Do your part today!