We’ve Got a Float (Boat) to Build!

C and A painting the eight modular panels and sail for the float.

As I mentioned Friday, we are well underway with construction of our mommy group’s float for the 29th Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade! Wait, so sorry, not we, just C. A true labor of love, C is so happy to be making something like this for T and his friends to enjoy; C’s said it takes him back to his own childhood when his dad put in a lot of time and effort on a variety of carpentry projects for school and the like. And to be clear, in this labor of love, C has about 20 man-hours clocked on this puppy so far, and more work is coming soon as the parade approaches.

The parade is now less than two weeks away (eeps!), so C spent our weekend surrounded by OSB board, saws, nails, and paint. While I was not well enough to help with the effort (boo pain!), I was busy enough keeping T and at times his friend entertained while C and A worked hard – VERY hard! On Friday, C built the modular pieces for the float; six side panels, two end pieces, and one sail-and-pennant piece later, he then solicited assistance with the painting of those pieces. Luckily, help was available and on Saturday he and A painted the pieces together in about four hours.

Here are a few photos showing the incredible progress that C and A made over the weekend. The framework is complete, as is the “sail” for the boat, and the painting scheme (boat-on-water) is finished.

C creating one of the eight panels for the float.

A - our illustrious leader - painting some panels and the sail for the boat float.

C and A put the boat on the water.

The sail and panels are complete, all thanks to C and A!

Bye, bye, boat - for now anyway! C packed up the float to move it to the next location, where more detailed decorating and final assembly will take place in the coming days. Thank goodness they finished the major construction work Friday and Saturday as it POURED rain here yesterday, so it all got back undercover before the storm hit town (whew!).

More detailed decorating will take place later this week, and then C along with others can assemble and anchor the float once we get the truck next week.

Thanks so much to Meggie Lou and Brothers, Too! for sponsoring Coastal Cuties and the local Stroller Strides chapter in this endeavor!

Enjoy viewing the photos! I’ll check in again in another few days with another update!