Float Update: Decorating Party!

Coastal Cuties had a float decorating party earlier this week to get ready for the big parade coming up (fast!) on December 3! This was a gathering where parents could bring their kids and get in on the artistic fun of decorating as most of the big construction was taken care of last weekend. Parents and kiddos painted reusable cardboard tubes, strung bottles, and hand-printed panels to give the float that special “Green” touch (this year’s parade theme). Big thanks to our friends A, J, D, and W for hosting the group all day and well into the evening for this decorating extravaganza!

It’s probably best to just post the photos and let you take a look at what we’ve done so far, because we’re not done quite yet… Enjoy!

T gets ready to hand-print!

T gives a hand with the decorating.

One of the panels from the AM shift of hand-printers.

Thanks to the AM shift for coming up with a great name for our land cruiser!

S free-hands the logos on the sail of the boat...

... and S is off to a fantastic start on the logos! All free-hand, folks!

If the committee wants proof we're reusing recycled products on our float, look no further... one of our wonderful mamas going through bags (and more bags and bins) of bottles that members brought over for decorating.

A drills holes for all those bottles (see R foreground); in background painted toilet paper and paper towel tubes wait in buckets for stringing.

When I arrived and saw all those drilled bottles, I took up the task and started stringing them together to create garlands that will undulate below the "boat" to emulate flowing water.

I managed to finish just one of the garlands, estimated to be about 24 feet long and totalling approximately 150 bottles!

Some of the strung tubes post-painting, which will look like ropes along the edge of the boat.

Thanks again to Meggie Lou and Brothers, Too! boutique for sponsoring us along with Stroller Strides Long Beach for the 29th Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade!