Missoni for Target: Clearance Racks Have Arrived!

For anyone still interested, Target (well, my location anyway) has marked down their Missoni line at 30 percent off. I happened to stop in last week and catch this, so I picked up a couple of things for future gifts. Mind you, it was one end-cap’s worth of goods and extremely slim pickings, but there was a healthy mix of clothes and accessories (personal and home) and at varying price points, from $5 for a strip of barrettes to $45 for a winter pea coat. Yeah, I know, I’m sure all the items being cleared out are returns, but who cares. Everything online is also pre-bought, right, and for three-times as much (ye-ouch). So, please, get off of eBay and head to your local Target store ASAP!

Missoni-for-Target gloves.

Up first are the gloves. While we don’t have much daily use here in Southern California for an arm-length, knit glove, we do have that one or two weeks of “winter” where they’d wear well, plus we do all travel to places where they would come in quite handy, so I have a few recipients in mind for the gloves (no, not me, I swear!).

Missoni-for-Target blanket.

Next is the knit throw. This happens to match the gloves, so I’m not sure yet if I parse the blanket out as a separate gift or pair it with the gloves. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it’s a cute little lap blanket that would keep one nice and cozy either while hunkered down on a plane trip or sitting at home watching the latest Rick Steves on PBS while planning that next plane trip (or both!).

Missoni-for-Target "fishnet" tights.

Last up are the “fishnet” tights. I have no idea off-hand where I might be able to wear these, and truth be told they really aren’t my first choice of style, but for whatever reason they called to me. Probably because I do know this: C will love them. So with the holidays coming, I’m hopeful that I can find an outfit and an event special enough for these special stockings. Happy holidays, honey!

Missoni-for-Target serving plate set.

I also forgot to update – I did find this set of plates a few weeks back for around $20. I didn’t find anything in the home line when I went the first time, so it was a perfect addition to my previous haul.  Plus I figured with Thanksgiving coming up (which we host every year at our home) and with the neutral color scheme of our living and dining areas that they will come in handy for hors d’oeuvres or condiments we’ll serve that day and in the future at other get-togethers.

And with that, I bid a fond arrivederci to you, Missoni for Target. Hope you’ve enjoyed your very warm welcome and trip to the States… and grazi for all the new goodies!