100 Posts! Thank you, RMT’ers!

Whether you've been here for one post or 100, thank you, RMT'ers!

Today is a blog love letter of sorts, to both myself and to you, my dear, devoted readers… this week I officially registered 100 posts on the grand ol’ blog! I really can’t believe how fast time has gone by in that I feel like I just had the idea for this project not too long ago. But as the saying goes, we all know how fast times flies, especially as we raise the wee ones and can visibly watch time fly right on by us at the speed of child(ren).

So first, please allow me to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Thank you for supporting me in the blogosphere and/or in real life (and in real time, moms!) with your words of support or your laughs when appropriate (or even when not so much). And, most importantly, thank you to those who’ve shared their own experiences with me personally and/or on the blog itself, shared my blog with friends and family, or just shared with random strangers by re-Tweeting me or Facebook-sharing me into the great internet and beyond. All your support no matter how you’ve expressed it has provided me with great inspiration to keep this going these last four months and encourages me to keep it going at least four more.

When I started the blog, I posted my main goal and focus: To share random thoughts, ideas, and/or activities that T and our family do or experience together. I believe in the old adage that you should only write what you know, and it’s fair to say that I’ve kept pretty true to that promise, especially as time’s gone by. When I started the blog, I was still trying to find my voice and so I fumbled around a bit in trying out different themes and focuses. One big example of that is (was) my Tip Tuesday series. While during the time I was writing that series it was working for me, it just ran its course. And so that’s when and why I decided to bring in my “Treat Tuesday” series in place of “Tip Tuesday”; though I was running low on tips (and at the time more in need of some tips myself rather than doling them out to others, ha), I found myself overflowing with treats and tasty ideas to share with you. And who knows, maybe I’ll run low on treats and switch back to tips in a little while, or maybe even come up with something completely different, who knows!

To summarize, blogging for me so far has been very much like raising a child. What I’ve ultimately learned from my efforts here is that it’s fine to change course when something just isn’t working anymore, just as I would change course with T and our communication if something stopped working there (that’s just one example, of course). So once more I say thanks to all of you for your part as the village in helping me raise my blog-child, and here’s to many more developmental milestones to come – cheers!

Cheers, RMT'ers!

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  1. Great job! You are an inspiration, having made a goal and done all the things necessary to achieve it. Keep going, mama/blogger! 🙂

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