Happy Halloween, RMT’ers! Be Safe and Have Fun!

Happy Halloween RMT'ers!

Happiest of Halloweens to each and every single one of you reading this, and an even happier Halloween to your little Boos!! Today is a day of celebration complete with taunting tricks and tasty treats, and I wish you many, many more of the latter than the former. I figured today with all the hoopla and festivities, no one really has time to stop and read much, so I decided not to go and write too much either. But I did want to at least stop and take the time to wish all of you a very safe and fun Halloween!

Rather than fill up my blog entry with yet another checklist for the boo-tiful day (I know I’ve personally come across a few myself already, ha), I figure I’ll just link to one here. It’s the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Halloween Safety Tips List. Please just promise me this… if you’ve not brushed up yet on what you can do to keep trick-or-treaters safe (both the ones coming to call at your doorstep and those you are escorting about this evening), then take just a couple of minutes to click and read this. Leave for the fun tonight knowing you’re off on the right foot, even if that foot happens to be covered with fur, fake blood, or a claw of some sort.

Our plans are simple: Dinner with a few families, followed by some suburban trick-or-treating with the gang for about an hour or so. Given the kids’ ages range from three to five years old and it’s a school night (talk about BOO), yeah, it’ll be short, but we’ll be sure to make it very sweet – and full of plenty of treats for sure!

Have a safe, fun time, RMT’ers!