When T is Away… We Clean, We Paint, We Organize Things

I got a lot of questions about what we did this weekend. See, my friends knew that T was gone to Grandma’s house for a couple of nights, and so the questions were more like what are C and I going to do with all that time. All that delicious time….

Here's one of our junk drawers... I wish it was the only one. And, yes, this is after organizing it!

Well, get ready for it… we, uh, did chores around the house. We took advantage of the time and got about five normal days’ worth of chores done in a day. And it was awesome!

C stripped layers of white paint off of this hardware and prepped and repainted it all this gold color. Shiny, happy hardware!

On Saturday, C prepped and painted the trim in our hallway, took down a few doors’ worth of hardware and stripped and painted that, and generally just made the space shiny and new looking. As for my idea of a good time, I was able to remove everything from the kitchen pantry, clean the shelves, throw out old food, and restock the shelves in a more organized manner. I then tackled the file drawers by purging and shredding old paperwork. As for the cherry on that sundae, I attacked a couple of our junk drawers, too.

Four fairly big, stuffed bags, all full of items that we just don't use or need anymore. Here's to hoping that my mama friends and/or the women's shelter we'll donate to after our hand-me-down event on Wednesday can use some of these clothes, housewares, linens, and things.

I also cleaned out a few closets and drawers and then organized several bags’ worth of donations for an upcoming hand-me-down event with my mommy group. Nothing like one of those events to bump closet-cleaning to the forefront of the to-do list!

Whew, no wonder we’re still exhausted!

Our date night in on Saturday night consisted of this delicious bottle of 2004 Rochioli single-vineyard Pinot Noir, alongside a surf-and-turf meal prepared by C: Stuffed crab, seared ahi, NY Strip, and a garden salad. YUM!

But while we worked hard, we relaxed even harder. Before all that we made time Friday night for a “date night” by having a light dinner (and heavier drinks) at one of our favorite happy hour spots, followed up by a short shopping outing, then a lovely and quiet evening at home afterward. Sunday we slept in and went out to breakfast together. In a word, perfection – or something extremely close to it.

And what did we do the rest of Sunday, Sunday, Sunday? Football, football, football. As if you need to ask… and honestly, as far as TV goes lately, there’s nothing that can compare to watching a football game or two and NOT be interrupted with requests for Wubbzy, Kai-Lan, or the like.

Later Sunday afternoon, reality returned in the form of T, and it returned with hugs and kisses all-around. I guess that means T had a great weekend, too – though I suspect he played a lot harder than he worked being with Grandma and all.

So the weekend was a very good balance of work and play, and accomplishment and indulgence. Did I ever think that in my whole life that the above would ever constitute even close to a perfect weekend? No, not really, but that’s the beauty of life and its ever-changing perspectives as we grow and change ourselves.

Hope you all had as rewarding of a weekend as we all did!

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  1. So cute! Glad you got some time at home to do stuff- that’s a nice thing, to have your no-kid time at home! I would love that, and I bet would get so much done! Great post.

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