Happy One Month-a-versary, RMT!

Wow, a month already… Happy Month-a-versary, and not just to my little blog project here, but to those following my little project also! So far so fun for me anyway, and I hope it’s been fun and entertaining for you as well, RMT’ers.

Thanks so much for reading this month if I managed to catch you at the start of this adventure. And if you just joined in on the fun, welcome! Happy to have you here whenever you get here.

And a very special thank you for those who followed me all this week. It was fun to do a series, but boy, I’m tired. I also think I got a little carried away, don’t you? I know this week’s posts were longer than my previously promised goal word length, but I’ll reward you next week with some shorter posts (and a cocktail recipe) – promise.

Have a great weekend, and see you next week!