These Are a Few of T’s Favorite Things – Summer 2011 Version

Happy Friday! Today I am posting up three things T is really fond of now at 3.5 years old. Consider it the lesser-version of the more infamous and beloved Favorite Things episode; while you get to learn about T’s favorite things, sorry, no giveaways here (yet), folks. And because folks always seem to wonder what a 3 or 4 year-old boy wants other than trains or trucks, perhaps this will provide you with some new and fun ideas if your little one’s birthday is coming up, and/or you have a birthday gift to get someone else.

Multi-Color Dinosaur Puzzled Eggs
One of T’s favorite Easter gifts this year were these great dinosaur egg puzzles. They are eggs that “hatch” into dinosaurs of all kinds. Think transformers, but way cooler to me anyway… and he’s still playing with them three months later! Species offered are: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Scelidosaurus, Brontosaurus, and T-Rex.

Toy Story 3 Hot Wheels
I found these cool Hot Wheels at Toys R Us the other day. They are Hot Wheels designed around different Toy Story characters. T has Buzz and Woody (I’ve put RC and Rex for another time… shh, T doesn’t know), and he loves them so much he even lets his Toy Story buddies play with them, too.

Sound Bingo
Finally, I’ll mention this awesome game that T got from his grandma the other week called Sound Bingo. The idea of a game that pretty much requires children to listen is genius. The game comes with several two-sided bingo cards, bingo markers, and a CD with 24 different sounds for the kids to match to the photos on their cards (including a toilet, now what kid doesn’t love a toilet?!). Right now with T’s age, we play “blackout bingo” or matching all the photos on the card before shouting “bingo”; even doing this the game lasts just 5 minutes or less (also genius for times when T wants to play a game and there’s not 20 minutes to spare). The CD can easily load onto iTunes so you can take the game with you and not worry about the disc or having a player. Just pack a few cards, the markers (or use some loose change floating in your purse or car really), your iPod or smart phone, and game on!

So cute – T just walked in on me editing this entry. As he saw all the photos above he exclaimed with joy and genuine glee about each item. Glad to see a nap didn’t change his attitude and that I can post this without reservations!

Have a great weekend, RMT’ers – and happy playing/shopping!