I Joined the Gym… 19th Time’s the Charm?

Moms and exercise… not sure about you, but I am so tired of all the media-inspired stories and expert recommendations for us moms to grab some canned goods or gallons of milk to get our daily workout. And for cardio, we can just strap the wee ones in the jogger stroller and go outside for a walk. All in all, the overall message is that we moms have no excuse not to exercise, and there’s tons of stuff around the house we can grab/do to get our exercise in daily, even with our kids in tow.

Sorry, but it’s all a load of BS.

I’ve tried the whole “work out with your kid”-style class, and T will no longer sit happily in a stroller, not even the comfy (and quite pricey) jogging pram he used to love when he was a toddler. Given the boy weaned from a stroller at about 18 months old, I have no idea what I was thinking to try to put him back in one at 2 ½ years old and registering for a class that required me to do so. Read: T was not pleased, gosh darn it. I still have what I call the $75 water bottle from that two-month experience as a gentle reminder of the error of my ways; what can I say, it’s a great bottle and I’m at least going to get my money’s worth out of that, if not the class.

And the whole exercise at home while your preschool-aged kid, what, self-entertains for 30-45 minutes, 3-5 times a week? Yeah, OK, now that’s just silly talk – by people who do not have kids. That coupled with the fact that I constantly am on the freak out during my entire workout that T is going to sneak up behind me while I’m running on my treadmill (he’s in that scare/ hiding phase now) – overall, the setting isn’t very safe, and it doesn’t create the best environment to focus energy on the task at hand, which is kicking my own ass.

Finally, please spare me the gallons-of-milk argument. As if I even wish to demonstrate that gallons of milk are items we can “play with” around here….

Having said all that, and having decided for the who-knows-what-number time, I decided to get myself back to a regular exercise routine. I’m trying an entirely different approach this go-around, which is putting my money where my butt needs to be: I pulled the trigger, paid me my money down, and joined the new gym in town.

Fitness 19 (http://www.fitness19.com/) opened up about a 15-minute drive away from my house (and 5 minutes from T’s preschool). I first learned about the place from a fellow mom, who just raved about the place, so much so that she eagerly distributed referral coupons to other moms in our play group, so I decided to check it out. For starters, the monthly fee seemed unbelievably low. With my referral coupon, I got my friend’s rate of $12/mo, which is crazy low, right? Well, get this, her rate drops $1/month with every referral who signs up on her coupon. Now that’s not crazy, that’s just nuts. I learned during the tour that Fitness 19 can keep costs low because their model is bare-bones with none of the usual gym super-duper amenities that require higher-cost maintenance (i.e., saunas, pools, classes, showers… yes, no showers, more on that later). Next, Fitness 19 requires no contracts and no required bank account access, all month-to-month, credit card auto pay. Amen. I don’t have to “break up” with them and my bank when the time comes and I no longer want to play with them anymore. Miraculous. Then there’s the close proximity to T’s school that I mentioned before, which means two mornings a week, no excuses; after T’s drop-off, I drop myself off at the gym. Finally – and here’s the cherry on the sundae, RMT’ers – there’s Kids’ Club. For an additional cost of just $2.50/90 minutes per visit (or $10/mo additional for unlimited Kids’ Club use), T gets to hang out in a safe, secure room with toys, a movie running, and other kids with while I elliptical myself into oblivion. I believe we have just discovered our workout Nirvana, ladies and gentleman (and kids).

I’m only a couple of weeks into this new routine with T, and so far so good. He loves Kids’ Club – so much so he even asks to go (!) – and I’ve discovered I love more than just a treadmill cardio workout. Plus we have other friends who’ve joined also, which means… gym play dates, for T and for me both!

Oh before I forget, I promised to get back to that “no showers” part… well, no matter to me, as I prefer to shower in the comfort of my home anyway. Besides, most of the time after taking T out to Kids’ Club we’re going to hit a playground or the beach, so I’d just re-sweat even if I did shower post-gym. Doesn’t bother me much, yet anyway, and no one seemed to complain the other day when I showed up at play group and hung out for two hours (that or I just have very kind friends). I guess this means I’m going to turn into a midday shower-er… well, fine by me!

So RMT’ers, I’ll cool down with this… I was very ready to get back into a regular exercise routine, which was more important than me finding and joining Fitness 19. As with most things, it’s all in the timing. Lucky for me this nice, affordable opportunity knocked just as I was opening the door anyway.

4 responses to “I Joined the Gym… 19th Time’s the Charm?

  1. Go, girl! I’m doing the “after kids are in bed” workout lately, especially challenging if it’s been one of those days. I was trying the “long walk with the kids,” but I was only losing a half a pound a week!

    • Ha ha, “after T in bed” equals me in bed as well! That plus I am a much better AM exerciser I’ve discovered vs afternoons or evenings… and, yes, the walking when the baby was a newborn through about 9-12 months worked quite well, but after that it plateaued tremendously for me. You go yourself, girl, and GL!

  2. Great news, K! $12 is about all I would want to pay for a gym, but $100 is more the norm up here- hopefully your place will expand to the Bay Area! I just did a 3-week boot camp, but it was hard to sustain getting up at 5 am and then having a full work day and then full after hours with the kids! So still searching for my solution…proud of you!

  3. Thanks, Jeanne! Kudos for a 5am, well, anything! While I am more a morning person that’s early even for us! Keep checking their website, willing to bet it’ll open there sooner than later… GL w your effort!!

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