Weekend Bonus: 3-Step Craft. Light and Bear Your Torches!

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far, RMT’ers!

In the spirit of Sweet Liberty and the holiday weekend, I decided to post a real fast, EASY craft idea. It’s so easy you can stop whatever you are doing right now, gather just three household items, and have a finished product in about 5 minutes, maybe less! It’s really so easy a toddler could do it (with just little help), promise!

Paper Torch


One Toilet Paper Tube (toddlers) or Paper Towel Tube (older/ taller kids)

Aluminum Foil (enough to wrap outside of tube)

Toilet Paper (about 1-2 ft. length piece)

  1. Take your tube and wrap in the aluminum foil, tucking the overlapping foil into the end(s) of the tube.
  2. Stuff enough of the toilet paper in one end that some trails out, looking like a flame.
  3. Finished! Now kids can do their best Lady Liberty impressions.

I am serious, that’s it!

And if it gets thrashed, make more!

Here’s the one we made (I used the toilet paper tube because that’s what came up empty first, that and the paper towel tube I had been saving magically disappeared, whoops):

4th of July Torch Craft

Toddlers, Light Your Torches!

Enjoy the 4th!