CRAFT: Paper Snowflakes

Looking for an easy craft to do with the kids this season and/or a simple way to spruce up the house for the holidays? How about paper snowflakes!


They’re so easy yet so overlooked. Maybe it’s because all you need are three things: Paper, scissors, and a snowflake maker (i.e., the kid). I like to start with squares of paper, but you don’t even have to do that. Just start folding up a piece in a rectangle, square, or triangle shape and then cut. Unfold, and voila… your blizzard is just beginning!


We used basic white paper and light blue construction paper, but you can be fancier and use foils or other paper types. Not too thick though; you have to remember there might be some littler hands that can’t cut through the thickness of a card-stock, let alone a piece folded over a few times.

And these can stay up well past Christmas, too, since they aren’t holiday-specific. Cool!


Who said we can’t have a white (or blue) Christmas here in Southern California?!

Almost one year ago, T and I made snowflakes under completely different circumstances. Our hearts are with those in Newtown, CT always, but especially during this solemn time of reflection.