Thanksgiving 2012: 20 Things I’m Thankful For (and 6 Things T’s Thankful for, Too!)

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve, RMT’ers!

While I didn’t write a daily affirmation of gratitude each day this month of November like some have been doing, I am going to make a short list here off the top of my head – no particular order – of the things I am thankful for on a very regular basis. I’ll just list 20 and stop there, otherwise this could go on forever. No, really, it could.

I am thankful and grateful for/that:
1. (tie) C & T (not choosing, and thankfully I don’t have to!)
3. The general good health of our core and extended family members.
4. T has all of his grandparents and one great-grandparent to spend Thanksgiving with tomorrow… along with some uncles, an aunt, and a new niece/cousin!
5. A house that we can call an honest-to-goodness, lived-in home.
6. A husband who cooks tasty and healthy dinners.
7. A child who tries most if not all said tasty and healthy dinners now, even finishing a few without complaint (woot!).
8. An awesome core group of friends for our family in a fantastic city that’s been our hometown for 10+ years now.
9. Clothes (incl. shoes and socks) to wear, beds to sleep in, and furniture to lounge on/ gather around.
10. Indoor plumbing, heating, a/c., electricity (recent news makes me reflect on this big time!).
11. Making it through the day – every day so far anyway! – keeping a kid alive and not screwing up the parenting parts (too much).
12. A child who loves school and has a fantastic teacher who makes school a place he wants to go to and spend his time.
13. A husband with enough OCD to figure out so many “games” so we can travel semi-frequently on the cheap.
14. The financial stability (C’s job; our ability to work together and make good decisions and plan ahead fiscally) to allow for #13 to be remotely possible.
15. Wine – ’nuff said.
16. My new iPad (it’s really an “us-Pad” since all three of us share it, but it’s true… iPads really are lovely).
17. Books, in any format they come in. Let’s just make sure we continue to have books, please.
18. Being a Stay-at-Home-Parent. Paid work will always be there, and I do miss it sometimes, but T will not always be a kid who wants me around his little-but-getting-bigger-by-the-second world.
19. A cheap gym membership. I don’t always get there as much as I should, but it’s always there whenever I want to go.
20. Coffee. Without it, I can’t wake up properly and get to my day to enjoy 1-19 (incl. #15).

Happy Thanksgiving, RMT’ers!

BONUS: I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I am thankful for all of you, RMT’ers. To those who loyally read daily (here, on Facebook, and/or on Twitter), those who just found me, or those who are able to check in only every so often: Thank you! I know how valuable “free time” is, so for you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to see what our fam bam has been up to and where we’re headed, it means more than you know.

Oh and one last list for today: T’s gratitude list! Needless to say, gratitude is a work-in-progress around here with our five-year-old son, but actually did surprise me with some of his choices (some were no surprise at all, however).

T is thankful/ grateful for:
1. LEGOs
2. Toys
3. Digging holes
4. Kissing
5. Going to school
6. A motel van

T is very thankful for LEGOs, and he definitely has a lot to be thankful for, that’s for sure! This is just one small area of our home that’s been overrun with the blocks as of late.

As I said, some of T’s choices surprised me. However, I didn’t (and really can’t?!) explain exactly HOW they surprised me. Doesn’t matter though. I am just happy he’s thankful for the things in life – however big or small – that make him smile.

Use a flat-iron hair tool rather than breaking out the big, heavy iron and huge, cumbersome ironing board to press leaves between wax paper. This and more last-minute fall and Thanksgiving craft ideas (real easy, real quick, real crowd-pleasing for five-year-old boys) on my RMT Facebook page!

One other thing that made T smile this week was a last-minute home craft session to help decorate the house for our Thanksgiving feast this Thursday. I guess the place cards weren’t enough! Anyway, you can see our latest crafting pictures and explanations on my Facebook photo album entitled, “Last-Minute Fall/Thanksgiving Crafts.” Have fun!

So how about you… what are you thankful for today, and not just because Thanksgiving is tomorrow?

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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