I Totally Forgot to Share these 10 Tips on Boosting Memory, RMT’ers!

Happy Friday, RMT’ers! I was cleaning out drawers and shelves this week (as I constantly seem to do around these parts), and I came across an index card-sized tip sheet from Real Simple magazine with their top 10 easy memory boosters. It looks like the card is from August 2012, which means I received the issue back in July. I believe I had put this away meaning to share with you, yet I’d forgotten to do so until just now.

Yes, I forgot to share some tips on boosting memory. Oh, the irony. Anyway, on with the tips!

The elusive card chock full of memory tips that I unearthed in one of many junk drawers in my home. I am glad I remembered to hold on to it even if I didn’t share it in a timely manner. Better late than never, right RMT’ers?!

10 Easy Memory Boosters (SOURCE: Real Simple magazine)

1. Get more sleep.

2. Run or do any cardiovascular activity for 20-30 minutes three times a week.

3. Make sure your diet includes blueberries, leafy green vegetables, and fatty fish, such as salmon.

4. Do something simple but out of the ordinary, like taking a new route to work.

5. Spend time doing fun activities that stimulate the brain, such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

6. Meditate.

7. You can add any of these to your daily supplements; vitamin D; a folic acid, B6, and B12 complex; and at least 180 milligrams of DHA.

8. Go to a museum or watch a documentary on a subject that fascinates you.

9. Learn a few new phrases in a foreign language.

10. Have a drink (RMT note: Cheers!). Moderate alcohol consumption can improve the condition of the blood that reaches the brain.

For the full article and more details on the list, you can find it online at Real Simple at this link.

I know my memory has already been tested this month with a whole new group of parents and kids at school, with appointments and dates to remember for school, and with new fall activities outside of school! Hope these tips are helpful to you, too, as your routines are changing, RMT’ers!

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