Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (and Happy Early Mother’s Day, RMT’ers)!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank a teacher not just this week but year-round, RMT’ers!

I’ll take a short break from the trip posts to chime in about our week, as it’s been a busy one for us since we got back from vacation!

First off, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, but I am sure any of you parents with kids in any kind of school knew this already. For those that have no idea about this week’s celebration, this is the week we (parents and students both) get together to celebrate our teachers from early-education to extra-curricular and express our gratitude in all forms and fashions. Whether it’s making a concerted effort to say a verbal “thank you” to our child(ren)’s teachers or participating in one of many organized events that your schools might be having for their teaching staffs, I’ve come to find that any expression of thanks – large or small – is much appreciated.

All the children at T’s school were asked to draw a picture of their teacher for a collective book that will be given to the teachers for this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week. To help get T started, I showed him a photo of his teacher, Mrs. G., from his class composite; this was T’s finished drawing. C and I were impressed (proud parents that we are)!

This was Thursday’s breakfast spread, or just a small gesture of thanks from us parents to our teachers for taking such great care of our children’s hearts and minds on a daily basis. Sorry it’s so blurry… I was taking a quick pic at drop-off as the Director was putting even more food out from the kitchen across the hall!

Just a few of the things T has done this week include drawing a picture of his teacher to give to her, telling me three things that he’s thankful for about his teacher (that I wrote into a book page that will be gifted to his teacher), signing a thank you card for his teacher, and cutting flowers from our garden for each of the 10 teachers in his little school. I as a parent helped not just with those tasks (and them some) but also by bringing in part of breakfast one morning and contributing some goodies into baskets for each teacher (both collective efforts from all the parents at the school).

The table is set for the Mother’s Day tea party at T’s school!

T gets plates of snacks for his grandma and me at his school’s Mother’s Day “tea party” yesterday.

My plate at T’s school-sponsored Mother’s Day tea party yesterday. They had lemonade, too (yay!).

My Mother’s Day gift from T that he made at school. These are the little things I’ll keep forever, right RMT’ers?

Having said that, and even with all that’s been going on at school this week for the teachers, those same teachers took a break from their celebration to celebrate us moms a little early for Mother’s Day! The teachers along with the children held a small “tea party” for us yesterday afternoon. It was very cute and not at all formal (the most formal part being that children were asked to wash up before taking us into the “tea room” – ha!). And, as an added bonus, my mom was able to attend as well, so T even got to show off his Grandma to his friends event.

To my son’s teachers (and the school’s cook, let’s not forget the cooks!) – and I can’t say this enough – we are thankful and grateful to you every single day of the year!

I hope that my RMT teachers are having a wonderful week being celebrated and thanked because you rightfully deserve it not just this week but year-round. Thank you again for all you do in taking good care of our kids!

Have a magnificent Mother’s Day, RMT’ers!

And, of course, I wish all my RMT’ers a wonderful Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! However you choose to spend the day, make it all about you because you have earned it (for sure)!