Happy Belated Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2012!

On Friday, our play group had its annual Earth Day get-together at El Dorado Regional Park. This is where the group planted a tree four years ago to commemorate Earth Day together as a group. While I was not at that inaugural event, T and I have gone out every year since for the reunion at the Coastal Cuties’ tree in Sycamore Grove.

Earth Day 2009 with Coastal Cuties of Long Beach (CA).

Earth Day 2012 with the kids of Coastal Cuties of Long Beach (CA). There's a few more kids here three years later, and my how they've grown and so has the tree! Yes, different tree than pictured in 2009, but this one is definitely ours and it becomes easier telling it apart from the others as it matures.

The kids with the ladybugs.

The kids with the ladybugs.

The kids with the ladybugs.

This year we had a few group activities to help pass the time. First, of course we met back at the tree. And my how has the tree grown up. It is always easy to find our tree in this particular area because we chose something that no one else planted, and this year we had no trouble at all finding it. We let the kids open up and release 1500 ladybugs on the tree (and themselves), which was great fun for them.

The kids get dirt to plant seeds in their pots at this year's Earth Day event.

The kids wait patiently to get seeds for their pots for this year's Earth Day event with our play group.

Whether you planted in dirt or just played in it, hope you had a nice Earth Day!

After some running in the field by the tree, we regrouped and had a seed planting activity together. Kids could choose between sunflower, watermelon, or squash seeds for their pots, and there were little plant markers the kids could have their names put in their pot so no one took the wrong one home. Good idea (and very cute, too)!

The kids all sat wonderfully to craft wreaths in celebration of Earth Day 2012.

T crafting a wreath for Earth Day 2012.

T is very proud of his Earth Day wreath.

Then the kids moved on and crafted small wreaths made of paper plates, glue sticks, and some cut-out earth day emblems (globes, recycle symbols, things like that). T had a great time putting a pattern of symbols on his wreath, and it now proudly hangs on our front door.

Another happy crafter with his Earth Day wreath and certificate for coming to this year's Coastal Cuties Earth Day play date.

Finally each child went home with an Earth Day certificate for participating in the afternoon’s events. Also cute!

Some of the kids climbing a tree at this year's Earth Day play date.

T on Earth Day 2009 (1 1/2 years old).

T (now 4-1/2 years old) with a friend of his who happens to be about 1-1/2 years old. How time flies considering this little dude wasn't there in 2009, and mine isn't such a little dude anymore comparatively!

Hope you had a lovely Earth Day! How did you celebrate, RMT’ers?

Hope you had a great Earth Day 2012!