An Apology Regarding Facebook Today… and Please Take Action NOW!

Hello lovely and loyal RMT Readers!

It is very possible that my Facebook page was hacked earlier today, and that is why the thumbnail photo to today’s post on my Facebook page (post, thumbnail, and link all now removed/ deleted – big thanks to my hub who could jet by the house to help me out for a couple of minutes while I was 30 miles away all day with T!) could have been linking to a third-party (not mine!), completely unrelated website not affiliated with nor related to

I offer my sincere apologies for any inconvenience, nuisance, offense, and/or other problems this might have caused you, your Facebook, and/or other computer accounts. As you might already know, when it comes to viruses and spam, they are pretty much out of our control all thanks to anonymous hackers (shaking fist at the annoying hackers!). But having said that, I’m still trying to be as proactive as possible. At first glance of my site and from reviewing user-end and WordPress feedback, nothing indicates a WordPress issue; this all appears to be an isolated Facebook incident. But just the same, I am going to go through my blog site this evening to double-check as much as I can that there has not been a malicious attack of some sort there as well (i.e., review links under recent photos, review a sample of recently linked content, delete spam queue and/or other questionable comments containing websites, etc.).

Also, I encourage all of my readers who click through Facebook to read Real Mom Time posts to stop and take a few precautions ASAP that could potentially help to eliminate attacks on your own Facebook accounts:

1. Change your Facebook password, NOW! (Yes, open a new tab and do it, right now!)

2. Please do not stay logged into Facebook on your computers and/or mobile devices indefinitely. Make sure that you are logging on and off for every unique Facebook session. Let’s just think of Facebook as the new Internet Explorer, Outlook Mail Express, Windows virus portal of the moment, etc.

3. Don’t ever blindly click an unknown or new link. That includes my post links, too! When in doubt, “hover” over a link with your mouse to view where it will actually take you (on Mozilla, you can see the destination of the link before clicking it; it pops up for me in the bottom left corner above the bottom menu bar of my screen). When you’ve determined the link is legitimate, then go ahead and click through.

4. Feel as if you’ve been hit with a computer virus and/or clicked any questionable links lately? Then close everything and run a security and virus check on your machine right NOW. When it concludes, then close your computer and do a complete reboot/ restart.

Of course, those are merely my layperson tips; this is just what I do when this unfortunately occurs and what I have done today. Sure, these pesky pickles could still be lurking in the background, and when it comes to those sorts of more complex problems, I’m sorry but I have no idea what to tell you. I’m no internet expert or code monkey. In fact, if you are an expert or have any other proactive tips to share with readers, please do!

Again my sincerest apologies, RMT’ers! Just the cost of doing (free website) business I suppose… carry on, and thanks again for all of your patience today and, of course, for all of your ongoing support!

– The Mama Behind RealMomTime