Page Museum Is Anything But the Pits (and the Music Ain’t Bad Either!)

Another one of our favorite weekend days out in Los Angeles is to head up to the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits and Discoveries. Located just minutes from the posh Hancock Park neighborhood in the Mid-Wilshire District of Los Angeles, The Page Museum has riches of its own to share with the masses. Whether it’s the fossils housed inside of the museum or uncovered outside in the active dig areas of the tar pits, there’s education all-around and for all-ages in this gorgeous and green open space in an otherwise congested, concrete jungle-ish area of town.

T runs toward the Page Museum with a friend of his that we just happened to run into and hang out with for our day out. Concrete paths and expansive green lawns intertwine the grounds that surround the museum proper, which is great for young children with endless energy (and their parents!).

This is one of those better-to-show-you-than-tell-you blog posts, so enjoy the photos (and light captions) below!

Give your best hand in pulling tar at the Page Museum in Los Angeles.

One of the mammoth fossil collections of, well, a mammoth on display at the Page Museum in Los Angeles.

A close-up of a few of the dire wolf skulls that adorn about a 30-foot long wall in the Page Museum in Los Angeles.

Saber-toothed cat fossils on display at the Page Museum in Los Angeles.

Aw! Check out this robotic diorama display of a saber-toothed cat "playing with" a ground sloth at the Page Museum in Los Angeles. OK, OK, they really aren't playing, I know, but sometimes a story helps me cope with reality. By the way, I had no idea until I started going to the Page that sloths were such large creatures... so much for scale representation from the movie Ice Age!

Just one of a few of the active dig areas near the Page Museum on the La Brea Tar Pits property. Discoveries are still forthcoming from these digs, and visitors are welcome to stop in and watch the work in action (open during Spring and Summer).

Do keep in mind… all of the fossils on display were found on or very near the tar pit property right here in the Los Angeles Basin. Pretty amazing stuff, RMT’ers!

Rumor has it that Charlie Cox has been charming visitors at the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits with his folk-tastic music since the 1970s!

And to round your day out, make sure to take in a live musical performance from Charlie Cox, who plays regularly outside of the entrance to the Page Museum. Do you like old train songs like “John Henry” or “Wabash Cannonball” or childhood faves like “Old MacDonald” or “Oh Susanna”? If so, then be sure to stop by and sit down (or dance) while Charlie croons to the beat of his banjo.

T and his gal pal dance and sing along with Charlie Cox outside of the Page Museum in Los Angeles.

"Songs from the Tar Pits" by Charlie Cox is for sale inside the Page Museum's gift shop. It's T's new favorite car CD, which is fine by us!

While musician Charlie Cox doesn't have an official website, his donation box says it all. Give him a call for your next event!

A dance back in time... T age almost-2.5-years-old dancing to the music of Charlie Cox back in March 2010. Here T also dons his SUE T-Rex t-shirt, a gift from his Aunt and Uncle from the Field Museum in Chicago. How appropriate!

Lastly, a trip to the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits isn’t complete unless you do this…

T rolls down one of the hillsides of the Page Museum, a must-do for any kid (or kid-at-heart) from the LA-area.

It was a little muddy from the morning rain during our visit, but no matter to T. Rolling down a hill is clean fun in any kind of weather!

Just a note… when you sign up as a member at the Page Museum, you also get in free to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the William S. Hart Museum. We’ve not been to the Hart Museum yet, but you can read and see all about our visit to the Natural History Museum here.

T is on top of the world, or the Page Museum at any rate!

View of the Page Museum from the West side of the grounds.

So long for now from the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits!

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  1. Oh what a wonderful adventure and it looked like a great way to spend the day. I love Cali. My daughter lived in Pasadena area and we loved being able to get on the train and go sight seeing. Great pictures by the way.

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