Disney on Ice Skates Through Long Beach!

This year's Disney on Ice show focused on the Toy Story movie characters and series.

A new tradition for T and I is to go to the annual live performance of Disney on Ice! We started attending the show last January when T was a little over three-years-old, and I have to say I’m glad we waited until he was fully walking, talking, and potty-trained to begin such a fun (but lengthy) outing together! Walking so he could walk on his own versus me carrying him everywhere, talking so we could talk about the show together during and afterwards and I could hear what he thought about it, and potty trained because… well, I think that one is self-explanatory!

Some of the Toy Story characters skating in the first half of the Disney on Ice show this season.

T was so excited that Jesse and Bullseye made an appearance at Disney on Ice this season. Here they both are, along with Woody.

Woody returns in the second half of Disney on Ice during the jail-rescue scene of Toy Story 3.

This year’s show was centered around the Toy Story characters and paid tribute to all three movies in the series. The first half was set in a flashback plotline, where the characters reminisced about their adventures together, while the second half was more of a true-to-storyline (yet abbreviated) film-to-stage performance of the Toy Story 3 movie.

Buzz Lightyear makes his entrance from above at the Disney on Ice show this season.

Aliens watch as "the claw" comes down from above to save them and others during this year's Disney on Ice show.

Ken sees Barbie for the first time in the second half of this year's Disney on Ice performance.

T loved it, no better review than that, right?! But I will say that he found it a bit long in the second half with the Barbie-Ken scenes, especially the wardrobe scene. That one went on (and on) for about 5-7 minutes, or about twice as long as it really needed to be to get the point across. But I get it… costumes make a show like Disney on Ice, and this scene definitely had costumes if you remember the movie at all. The rest of the show however kept a perfect pace for the young audience in attendance. The show also rounded out nicely with many special effects such as a flying Buzz Lightyear and a giant claw rescue scene to keep things interesting both on and off the ice for the duration.

T enjoying his $12 bucket of popcorn during Disney on Ice. He also enjoyed some $12 cotton candy and a nice $15 "Rex" souvenir. Yeah, well, we don't go to these sorts of things to save money now, do we?! Good thing we got a great deal on our seats... fifth row from the ice for just $20 each! I look every year online about a month beforehand and there's usually a special code for certain days and times of the performance that can save about 50 percent off some great seats, so remember to Google that next year, RMT'ers!

We decided to skip the $10+ snow cone this year at Disney on Ice... but they looked fun for sure even if lugging them around might not have been!

At the end, Lotso bear gets what he deserves... Disney on Ice's version of the hook off the stage, you could say!

We are already looking forward to next year’s show! Thanks to the Disney on Ice folks for another wonderful performance, and for our new mom-and-son tradition, too!

The grand finale at Disney on Ice. See you next year, Mickey and Friends!

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  1. Looks like a good show. We go on the 27th. It’s one of our traditions now too…although this time, we’re going to take Daddy just because it’s sorta part of L’s birthday celebration.

    • Have a great time! And remember your cash… even if the tickets were a good deal (as they were for us) nothing else there is deal-priced! But it is a fun time and just once a year for us, so it’s all good. 😉

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