The Best Things in Life Are FREE! Even for Kids!

T got this catalog in the mail a few days ago. He's hardly put it down since. He loves catalogs as much as what's advertised in them, and good thing because the catalogs are FREE!

Yep, it’s that time of year for sure. T is getting catalogs by the boatload now and the Christmas requests are coming in fast and furiously. And with that, others also are asking the obvious: What does T want for Christmas?

Well, my answer to that question is very simple: Please, ask T personally what it is he wants from you this Christmas. He’s four now, and his ability to communicate his wants is absolutely amazing. Trust me when I say that he’s totally dying to tell (assign) you one or two of the several things it is he wants this year. So please, go straight to the source; get down on his level and have a chat with him, or go ahead and call him on the phone (he seems to like talking on the phone more often than not lately, which is nice). Whatever the medium, he’d love to talk to you about all the favorite things he wants this season, and then some.

Having said that, I know most of you don’t know T, but maybe you are facing your own battles about what to get those kids in your lives this holiday season. In that case, here’s a great gift list that applies to pretty much every child on the planet. The best part about this list is that these items are readily available (especially this time of the year with increased home mail deliveries and all the wild, windy weather we’ve been having), free of charge, not tied to any trends, and no time in a mall required!

T's got so many tubes, he can't even hold them all up for this photo!

“The 5 Best Toys of All Time”

(published in Wired Magazine – oh, the irony!)

1. Stick
2. Box (remember my recent post about this? The Wired author references the same book I did, too!)
3. String
4. Cardboard Tubes
5. Dirt

I don't even remember where this sheet of bubble wrap came from, but it was FREE! Though it's been days since it entered our lives, T still returns to it to POP more bubbles. Great times!

Personally, I’d add bubble wrap, catalogs, and rocks to the list… otherwise, pretty spot on! Thanks, Wired!

So there you have it. Happy shopping… oh, wait….

T performs again at the Bella Terra Kids' Club show, this time their very special holiday event!

In other free holiday news, Bella Terra Kids’ Club had it’s annual Holiday Show this month, and T’s grandparents met up with us to join in on the fun. And guess what? T was in the show AGAIN (I’ve honestly lost count of how many times T’s been pulled on stage for a show there). This time he assisted on some magic tricks with Jeff the Great – of course T had a blast being on stage, and his grandparents enjoyed seeing him perform!

Santa made a special appearance (and pulled raffle ticket numbers) at the Bella Terra Kids' Club Holiday Show this season. Thanks, Santa!

As always, Kids’ Club shows at Bella Terra are FREE, and the holiday and other special event shows are no exceptions. Their regular Kids’ Club shows run on the first Monday of the month through April, then they change over to weekly through the end of Spring and Summer. Thanks again to Bella Terra for this wonderful program and we’ll see you next year!

Mr. Ron, the co-host of Kids’ Club events along with Pat Rogers (on-site Marketing Manager at Bella Terra), announced that for January the show will be on the SECOND Monday, January 9, 2012.

Here’s the message direct from Mr. Ron, for those who might not have been at the December show:
“For January 2012, Pat correctly decided that we need to reschedule the show from our usual first Monday of every month format to the second Monday (January 9). The reason for the date change is that this year the Rose Parade will take place on Monday January 2, and we didn’t want our audience have to decide between the two attractions. After January we go back to our usual schedule (weather permitting). The January 9th performer will be Twinkles the Clown, a truly wonderful performer for kids!”