Deck the Halls with… Lots and Lots of Holiday Books!

These are just a few of T's favorite holiday books!

T knows that once the holiday bins come down from the attic, that also means he gets his holiday and Christmas books back for the month of December! It’s like an early Christmas present to him, and one I am grateful to give to him over and over each season.

Today I’ll share some of T’s favorite reads for this time of the year with you, RMT’ers. If you are anything like us, we like to add one or two new books to the holiday library each season to keep it fresh and age-appropriate. In turn, I then donate the books that T’s outgrown to his school. It works out nicely in that T gets a few new books, and others get something new to them and at the right time of the year, too.

Maybe you’ll see something below that is new to you, too, and just in time for the Twelve Days of Christmas!

This is one of our original holiday books. T received this when he was just a baby, yet it remains one of his favorites to date.

Don't discount the dollar bins! I picked up this small, abbreviated board book version of one of the top Christmas classics a few seasons ago at Target. It's perfect for sharing on Christmas Eve or any other holiday night with all-ages.

Naturally, T chose this version of the Little Engine that Could to help him chug through the holidays!

As one of the author's covers states, it's just not a happy holiday without every child's favorite puppy, Biscuit!

Corduroy is a classic and has always been one of T's favorites. When we saw that Scholastic Book Club put out a Christmas version, T was ecstatic. We added this one to our holiday library last season.

Harper Children's' three-book and music CD box set is the perfect preschooler package for a very merry and musical Christmas!

T just discovered Babar the elephant a little while ago, so I chose their Christmas version as our newest addition to the holiday library this season. While the story is a wee long for a four-year-old's attention span, it's a classic that T can grow into and enjoy for Christmases to come.

Happy holiday reading to you and yours!