T’s School Holiday Show a Rousing Success!

We had such a busy weekend a few days ago, and while I already wrote about the great time we had at the parade, I totally failed to mention that T also had his school holiday party and show Friday night!

Again, not much more to say than a great time had by all (and so many memories made and captured on film, wahoo!), so here’s a few photos of him with his school chums hamming it up on stage and otherwise throughout the evening!

First T and his buds got on stage before the show even started! Thankfully, the school’s staff was a lot more lenient this year about the kids wandering about and onto the stage pre-show.

Then it was time for T and his music class pals to get ready for their two big songs. They performed “All I Want for Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad.” Thanks to the Young Music Company’s Mr. Brad (T’s music teacher) for all of his hard work with the kiddos in the weeks leading up to the show! Mr. Brad and various other assistant teachers really did a fantastic job with both teaching the kids the songs and choreographing a group of preschoolers to sing AND gesture to the music and lyrics. T is in his second year with Young’s now, and we all love the work they’ve done with T over the time he’s been with them.

Next up for T was his class performance. Although they were on stage for a good 10 minutes, I still have no idea what songs they danced to (or what happened, quite frankly – it was pretty surreal)! But, boy oh boy, did they have a great time, which is all that matters (and again, great memories were made by all).

Finally, T and his friends took a break from the activity and grabbed a seat up front to watch the slide show. For whatever reason, each time a slide flicked by, the kids would just start pointing and cracking up. It was so funny to watch these kids who not minutes before were in crazy performance mode sitting still, but still having a happy, merry time with themselves.

Oh, and I almost forgot, T is “dog-sitting” this week in that he’s in charge of his class mascot, Cooper, so he joined us at the event, too! Don’t worry, Cooper just drank water, the adult beverage is all mine.

Bravo, T! Looking forward to next year’s show already!