Oh Where Oh Where Did T’s (and my) Nap Time Go?

Yep, we’ve arrived… life without a steady nap time, which means there goes my afternoon big break. UGH. Sorry, but there’s no other word for it, and trust me, I am totally sick about it. And I’m sad, mad, in mourning, and definitely not a happy mama, at all.

Sure, it’s great for T – it’s all just go, go, go… play, play, play for him. But everything about life for him is playing though, right?

Again – UGH!

I know, I know, and I hear you… I am supposed to put him into some sort of “quiet time” if he refuses to go on the bed and take an actual nap or lie down to rest. Um, yeah, right. Have you met this clingbot, Energizer rabbit child I speak of? Oh yeah, maybe you haven’t. Well, let me cut to the chase then: it’s much easier said than done, folks. I front-load him from the time we get up in the morning up till the time I want him to go into this so-called solo quiet time that he’s going there, yet he just won’t have it. The crying, the screaming, the clinging (“I need you, mama!”), and the general unrest that comes as a result of my trying to get him to, well, rest – oh, the sweet irony. And in the end, I’m sorry, but the lengthy fight is just not worth it most days. I’m too tired.

I also miss the days T would sleep in the car. Now, we’re lucky if he passes out on a drive from San Diego or Palm Desert back home (that’s 2-2.5 hours by the way). So the olden days of nap where I’d “drive him down” – yep, that’s off the table, too.

So anyway, yeah, this is a rant more than anything, because until I am able to solve this latest mystery, these posts will be much shorter and most likely a bit edgier, so my apologies in advance, RMT’ers. All I can hope is that I get my nap time – or quiet time, rest time, whatever we want to call the blissful break in the afternoon I’ve been lucky enough to have these past three years – back soon, for my sake and for yours. Until then, enjoy the shorter posts (which I was trying to get back to anyway), and enjoy your nap times so long as you can get them.

4 responses to “Oh Where Oh Where Did T’s (and my) Nap Time Go?

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! We thought we were losing the nap for a while, but now it’s back again. 8/10 days he sleeps. Little brother, on the other hand, is less compliant, so I foresee him giving them up as soon as he can!

    • Don’t give up too fast! I’ve found if there’s tons of fun to be had later in the day/ evening a nap time is a lovely bargaining chip to throw down now & then after all 😉 GL w your kiddos & thanks for reading/ replying!!

  2. I lost the nap so long ago now. She made it through my pregnancy but once the baby was here, she was done with it. And on the days that she does fall asleep, I try furiously to wake her because then she’ll be up til 10pm. And then I lose my afternoon and my evening. Baby still naps, but they are pretty short. So I feel your pain…and are a bit jealous that you got almost a whole year longer than me…:-(

    • Well, there are some days we can still get a nap in, such as today (can u tell as I’m finally replying to some posts; apologies for the delay btw). That and 3 hrs solid in the pool earlier I’m sure helped tire T out – woot! Have a great weekend & thanks for reading/ all the support!

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