TREAT TUESDAY: Christmas Cookie Lollipops

If you were following along here at RMT at this time last year, then you might recall this post. That’s when it hit me that seasonal the to-do list doesn’t have to be overly complicated or super-planned. And it goes without saying but there’s quite a bit to do, along with the fact that T’s more than able to think up a LOT of things that he’d love to do during this time of the year as well, such as train rides, baking, gingerbread houses, decorating, and on and on and on! However, despite the demands and expectations of others and the ones we place upon ourselves, it’s important to stop and remember that oftentimes just our being together with family and friends in a casual situation with simple pleasures is all any of us needs, holidays or not.

So when my local Costco let me down this year and failed to carry my favorite cookie mix, it threw me for a loop… for about 10 minutes. That’s because it took me just about that long to find another store near my house that carried the Krusteaz sugar cookie mix. Whew!


No, it’s not packaged in a ginormous bag making it the extreme value that I found at Costco, but Stater Bros. carries it for around $2 a package, and each package makes up to three dozen cookies, so it’s still a fair value at around 75 cents per dozen. Better yet, Stater Bros. doesn’t just carry it at this time of the year but all year long according to the Krusteaz website. Thank goodness because this mix is my holiday go-to for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah, and pretty much any other holiday or special occasion.


Oh, and because each box is its own batch, no measuring, which saves even more time. I think I baked a batch in just about 30 minutes. Sweet!

Cookie lollipops by inserting the sticks into the cookies after coming out of the oven. The cookies cool around the sticks, just as the bars do with my cakesicle treats around the ice pop wooden sticks.

Create these cookie lollipops by inserting the sticks carefully into the cookies right after pulling them out of the oven; continue to cool completely on wire racks. The sticks firmly set up in the cookies creating the lollipop effect, just like the wooden sticks do with my cakesicle treats.

You can use one lollipop to decorate a container of regular cookies, or you can cluster a few together to make a mini-cookie bouquet.

If you plan to package the cookie lollipops individually, do make sure the cookies are completely cooled before bagging them up.


Since restocking my pantry, I’ve created these holiday-themed cookie lollipops. I found the candy cane striped sticks at Cost Plus World Market, and the treat bags are the same ones by Wilton I’ve used in the past (you can see them in this post).

And… the Krusteaz box even has a quickie Snickerdoodle recipe for me, too! Given my previous professed love of the Snickerdoodle, I have a feeling I’ll be snickering all the way to the cookie jar after testing that one out (and I’ll check back in once I do, I promise).

Again, all this in just around 30 minutes. Merry Christmas, RMT’ers!

What’s baking in your kitchens this season, RMT’ers? Please share your new discoveries and old favorites!