Open House, with a Kinder”garden” Twist

T’s Open House down at the farm school was last Thursday. Yee-haw!

Our personal invitation to T's Kindergarten Open House 2014.

Our personal invitation to T’s Kindergarten Open House 2014.


His teacher (and a handful of other parent volunteers) did a phenomenal job transforming the halls and Kindergarten (get it – kinder “garden”?!) classroom into a down and dirty (and grassy and fertile) farmland of learning.



Our "take-aways" from T's Kindergarten Open House 2014!

Our “take-aways” from T’s Kindergarten Open House 2014 included farm-themed crafts (including a live plant), stories, and math projects. Busy little farmers indeed!

For the last month or so, the kids have written crops of farm-related stories, drawn countless country-fied scenes, and participated in a variety of rural-themed activities.

T with a few of his Kindergarten classmates on the field trip at Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa (CA) at the OC Fairgrounds.

T with a few other Kindergarteners at Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa (CA).

T and fellow students observe the farmers with the oxen. This was T's favorite animal at the farm.

T and fellow students observed the farmers with the oxen. This was T’s favorite animal at Centennial Farm.

After the farm field trip, the kids graphed their favorite animals to compare and contrast results. This is Kindergarten, RMT'ers!

After the farm field trip, the kids graphed their favorite animals to compare and contrast results. This is Kindergarten, RMT’ers!

The most notable activity of the lot was that the Kindergarteners even took a field trip to a local farm in April so they could have that in-person, real-life, farm-hand experience to augment all of the learning happening in class. Now that’s some authentic country-living right there, y’all!


I wish I had taken a few more photos inside of T’s classroom during Open House to share with you because the room looked absolutely amazing. However, I did manage to take what I think was the most important photo from the evening: T reading his schoolwork to us. Priceless.


I even stole this shot of T proudly showing off his work and reading to his friend, who is in another grade/class. As in, I didn’t take the picture myself but actually stole it from my friend’s Facebook page. Thanks for stepping up with some extra photos for me, A!


We will miss having your as our teacher next year, Mrs. K!

Open house is such a wonderful time of the year for us. It really proves that – despite all of his daily proclamations – that T does a whole lot more than “nothing” all day at school. It also reminds us just how proud we are of all of T’s hard work and how grateful we are for his teacher’s commitment to him and all of the other kids as well.

Kindergarten will be over for us in 11 short days. To say I have mixed emotions would be a bushel-and-a-peck’s-worth of understatement.