The “Evolved” RMT Summer Camps List: Coming Soon for 2019

So… after seven (7!) seasons, and given the fact that T is now firmly tween-aged and set in his summer camp ways and plans for the most part (cough, baseball, cough), the RMT Summer Camps List is going to evolve a little bit starting this year.

Breaking News (no, really, this one truly is!): I now work a paycheck job (and I LOVE it!), which means that I have been devoting much of my time elsewhere more recently along with focusing on other hobbies and volunteer opportunities that have presented themselves over the past year (OK, 2-3 years). I have come to find that I just do not have the many, many, MANY hours to dedicate to the blog like I used to nor the specific Summer Camp List project like I have season in and season out.

Summer is coming - search here for camps offered in and around Long Beach, CA for 2019!However, having said alllllllll that… I think I have reached a good compromise with myself and for everyone else to keep the Summer Camps 2019 party rolling on for this season after all. Please keep reading. 🙂

My goal for the next month or two (spring months, essentially, and I’ve already started… through letter “B” as of last night!) is to “clean up” all the listings to remove 2018 and other specifics on dates-times-pricing-themes. BUT in keeping with the personality of the blog and this list over the years, I will retain all the fun facts and anecdotes as related to each camp (i.e., our own personal experiences that we’ve shared, those stay). But as far as the nitty-gritty details – dates, ages, prices, themes, etc. – I have decided that it’s best to drive you directly to the named businesses and camps. I feel with me sending you to a business or a camp directly is likely more effective anyway. I mean, if you like what you see on a camp website, you have to stay there to register anyway, right? So less step(s)/click(s)/time for you, too! You’re welcome!

I hope this makes sense and is helpful, RMT’ers – both for those reading here who are searching for camps AND for those camps and businesses that I have had the pleasure to list – for FREE – over the past seven (7!) years.

So… let’s get down to business:

  • If your camp is listed here already and you like what you see, no worries, you stay. All good! Thanks for being here!
  • Are you a camp not on the list but want to be mentioned here this season? Send me an email:
  • Do you have edits for your existing camp listing on the “basic” 411 of camp location, camp name, and/or contact info? Please drop me a line with the new info.

Time and life are dynamic, ever-evolving existences… and so is this blog space. Again, thanks to all of you – campers, camps, businesses, friends, family, my IMMEDIATE family T&C – for your support over the years and into the great beyond for the RMT Blog and Summer Camps List. I do appreciate all of you and hope we can continue checking in with one another year in and year out as the blog and the Summer Camps List keeps going on in whatever format it takes on as it all evolves all while our RMT family “grows up”, too.