Toothless Wednesday

As it would be extremely unlike me to participate in a “Wordless Wednesday”, let’s just call this toothless Wednesday. Yep, T lost his first tooth last night!


While our dentist had mentioned last December that this tooth was juuuussst getting loose, it really started wiggling in the last couple of weeks.


Then this week, the jokes started on C’s part. Did T want him to use the pliers, or maybe he could wrap some dental floss around it to help yank it out?


Last night though, things got real. The tooth was turned 90 degrees and twisting more as the minutes went by, so I told the boys to take care of it before bedtime. I would check in from time to time to make sure I didn’t miss the big moment, but for the most part I was completely useless (and grossed out), yet excited just the same.




And took care of it they did.


When it was bedtime, we ensured T that the tooth would be safe and secure under the pillow and well-protected from falling behind the bed.


And this morning, T got his payoff for all that twisting and turning: Three gold dollar coins from the Tooth Fairy!

If anyone has a better answer than me as to why that Tooth Fairy needs all the kids’ teeth, T really would love to hear it. My answer so far is that s/he uses the teeth as money, and much like how we need to convert dollars to Euros or Pounds when we travel, they convert teeth into money and everyone wins. I’m not sure he’s buying it though.