5 responses to “‘Tis the Season… For Saving?!

  1. We have been meaning to do this too! I’m going to check with our credit union and see what kinds of programs they have for kids. I set up my first account when I was a teen and learned a lot about managing money. I’d like to start earlier with my daughter!

    • Joanne, thanks for writing! And please share what you might learn, too! It could help someone in your area even if not here in So. Cal.! I still remember getting an account when I was around T’s age. Then again my Dad worked in banks all my childhood, so it was pretty much a given I was going to get an account at an early age. I def. will come back and post how it goes for us later today (or we might go tomorrow morning instead, getting a later start here than anticipated – turkey hangover for all I guess!). Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • That’s so funny… we JUST closed our ING accounts last month! Turns out we hadn’t touched them for 18 months and our passwords were going to be reset or something. We’d opened the accounts years ago to get one of their bonuses (like the one in your link) and at a time when the interest was actually competitive (at 4% online and about half that brick-and-mortar). Then the interest dropped to levels same as brick-and-mortar so we didn’t feel we were getting a deal anymore. Not sure the above link would apply for us or not since we’re not new customers but maybe I’ll look at them again, thanks!

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